Archive Volume 24

Number 1

Agricultural Economics

On the duration of comparative advantages: the case of European cheese industry

Balogh, J.M. and A. Jámbor

Received December, 5, 2017; accepted for printing January, 24, 2018

The global market of roundwood: financial aspects

Bykanova, O.A., R.G. Akhmadeev, N.Y. Glubokova and I.S. Kravchuk

Received May, 25, 2017; accepted for printing January, 3, 2018

Competition power of Turkey’s honey export and comparison with Balkan countries

Terin, M., İ. Yildirim, A. Aksoy and M.M. Sari

Received June, 7, 2017; accepted for printing January, 18, 2018

Agricultural Management

Interaction of production cost, price and labour factors in increase of competitiveness in agrarian sector of Azerbaijan

Humbatova, S.İ., N. G-O.Hajiyev, R.Kh. Gasimov and S.M. Tanriverdiev

Received December, 28, 2017; accepted for printing January, 12, 2018

The role of the extension services for the development of the small-scale farms in Bulgaria

Dirimanova, V.

Received November, 23, 2017; accepted for printing January, 4, 2018

Plant Science

Stability and adaptability analysis in sugar beet varieties for sugar content using GGE-biplot and ammi methods

Mostafavi, K., M. Orazizadeh, A. Rajabi and M.N. Ilkaei

Received August, 12, 2017; accepted for printing January, 19, 2018

Phenotypic analysis and heritability of seed production components in red clover (Trifolium pretense L.)

Mihovsky, T. and G. Naydenova

Received June, 19, 2017; accepted for printing December, 19, 2017

Some biochemical changes in two Egyptian bread wheat cultivars in response to gamma irradiation and salt stress

Aly, A.A., R.W. Maraei and S. Ayadi

Received April, 20, 2017; accepted for printing January, 25, 2018

Growth behaviour of the Florina cultivar grafted on the M9 rootstock with different origin

Dobrevska, G., R. Popova and M. Dallev

Received June, 19, 2017; accepted for printing December, 19, 2017

Plant Genetics

Assessment of genetic polymorphism in durum and bread wheat accessions of Azerbaijan

Hajiyev, E., Z. Akparov, R. Aliyev, M. Abbasov, S. Babayeva, V. Izzatullayeva, S. Hajiyeva, S. Ahmadova, Sh. Mammadova and R. Sharma

Received July, 10, 2017; accepted for printing December, 18, 2017

Plant Pathology and Protection

Weed control in wheat with post-emergence herbicides

Mehmeti, A., Z. Pacanoski, R. Fetahaj, A. Kika and B. Kabashi

Received March, 23, 2017; accepted for printing January, 17, 2018

Agrochemistry and Soil Science

Selection criterias development for chili pepper under different field water capacity at vegetative stage

Rosmaina, Sobir, Parjanto and A. Yunus

Received July, 24, 2017; accepted for printing October, 31, 2017

Orange peel fixed oil (Citrus sinensis “Valencia”), physiochemical properties, fatty acids profile, potential uses and the effect of environmental factors on it

Ramadan, K., S. Nader and A. Ibrahim

Received August, 31, 2017; accepted for printing January, 10, 2018

The potential pineapple rotations to improve chemical properties of ultisols

Dewi, W.S., H. Widijanto and S. Nofiantoro

Received July, 20, 2017; accepted for printing January, 16, 2018

Effect of microbiological fertilizer for mitigating water stress in cherry tomato

Murtic, S., R. Oljaca, M.S. Murtic, I. Koleska, L. Karic and J. Avdic

Received June, 19, 2017; accepted for printing December, 19, 2017

Impact of organic fertilizations in improving bris soil conditions and growth of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)

Dalorima, T., M.M. Khandaker, A.J. Zakaria and M. Hasbullah

Received December, 27, 2017; accepted for printing January, 23, 2018

Animal Science

Egg production from dual purpose hen genotypes reared in a free range system

Gerzilov, V., V. Boncheva and P. Petrov

Received January, 5, 2017; accepted for printing January, 8, 2018

Simultaneous administration of silymarin and doxycycline in Japanese quails suggests probable herb-drug interaction

Pavlova, I., H. Lukanov, V. Ivanov, Y. Petrova and A. Genchev

Received July, 31, 2017; accepted for printing January, 19, 2018

Food Science and Technologies

A comparative analysis of physico-chemical indicators and sensory characteristics of yogurt with added honey and bee pollen

Zlatev, Z., I. Taneva, S. Baycheva and M. Petev

Received July, 3, 2017; accepted for printing January, 17, 2018

Single-layer drying of purple yam (Dioscoreaalata L.) slices

Muhidong, J., S. Salengke and A. Surestyana

Received February, 16, 2017; accepted for printing January, 05, 2018

Agricultural Technology

New solution – cultivation of soft fruits and vegetables in a superskyscraper in Hong Kong

Aleksandrov, Y.

Received November, 18, 2017; accepted for printing January, 11, 2018

Recent active technologies of greenhouse systems – comprehensive review

Harjunowibowo, D., Y. Ding, S. Omer and S. Riffat

Received October, 20, 2017; accepted for printing January, 25, 2018

Number 2

Agricultural Management

The probability of farm’s diversification - on the example of Central Pomerania in Poland

Kurdyś-Kujawska, A., D. Zawadzka and A. Sompolska-Rzechuła

Received December, 4, 2017; accepted for printing March, 7, 2018

Dynamics of landuse changes and general perception of farmers on South Sumatra wetlands

Wildayana, E. and M. E. Armanto

Received December, 30, 2017; accepted for printing February, 26, 2018

Comparing rice farming apperance of different agroecosystem in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Zahri, I., D. Adriani, E. Wildayana, Sabaruddin and M.U. Harun

Received November, 11, 2017; accepted for printing March, 26, 2018

Agricultural Economics

Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy payments towards Romanian farms

Galluzzo, N.

Received January, 10, 2018; accepted for printing February, 26, 2018

The effect of charity attitude and economic condition on the farmers’ household food security

Hendrarini, H., R.J. Sunarsono, T. Soedarto, E. Nurhadi, Kusnandar and E.S. Rahayu

Received January, 18, 2018; accepted for printing March, 26, 2018

Application of data envelopment analysis for technical efficiency of smallholder pearl millet farmers in Kano State, Nigeria

Mukhtar, U., Z. Mohamed, M.N. Shamsuddin, J. Sharifuddin and A. Iliyasu

Received September, 10, 2017; accepted for printing March, 12, 2018

Plant Science

Effect of the altitude and summer pruning on the anatomical structure of grape berry exocarp of Vranec cultivar (Vitis vinifera L.)

Nedelkovski, D., I. Semerdjieva, V. Roychev and T. Mokreva

Received November, 22, 2017; accepted for printing March, 2, 2018

Ultrasound-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. roots

Quoc, Le P.T. and N.V. Muoi

Received September, 30, 2017; accepted for printing March, 2, 2018

Growth performance of guava cutting under different growing media and plant cutting taking height

Qadri, R., M. Azam, S.B. Khan, I. Khan, I. Ul Haq, Y. Yang, M. Muzammil J., M. A. Ghani and M. Moazzam

Received August, 31, 2017; accepted for printing March, 21, 2018

Betterment of biological nitrogen fixation in snap bean under Mediterranean semi-arid conditions

Beltayef, H., M. Melki, W. Saidi, S. Samaali, A. Muscolo, C. Cruz and T. Garoui

Received September, 24, 2017; accepted for printing March, 19, 2018

Plant Pathology and Protection

Selenium and its effect on plant-parasite system Meloidogyne arenaria - Tiny Tim tomatoes

Baycheva, O., H. Samaliev, Z. Udalova, K. Trayanov, S. Zinovieva and G. Folman

Received December, 1, 2017; accepted for printing March, 29, 2018

Trait associations’ analysis of blast resistant segregating populations of rice

Govintharaj, P., S. Manonmani and S. Robin

Received September, 7, 2017; accepted for printing March, 23, 2018


Pyrolysis optimization of agricultural waste using Taguchi L9 orthogonal array design

Flores, R.A.C., F.P. García, E.M.O. Sánchez, A.M.B. Miró and O.A.A. Sandoval

Received February, 23, 2018; accepted for printing March, 02, 2018

Morphology and anomaly of the scull of zoo Lynx lynx (Carnivora: Felidae): Ecological aspects for further reintroduction

Mihaylov, R., R. Dimitrov, S. Krastev and K. Stamatova-Yovcheva

Received October, 24, 2017; accepted for printing March, 6, 2018

Studying development of Hermetia illucens fly larvae cultivated on high cellulose plant substrates

Yurina, O.V. and V.P. Karagodin

Received August, 3, 2017; accepted for printing March, 23, 2018

Agrochemistry and Soil Science

Microelements (Cu, Mo, Zn, Mn, Fe) in corn grain according to their availability in the fallow sod-podzolic soil profile

Enakiev, Y.I., A.R. Bahitova and V.M. Lapushkin

Received November, 4, 2017; accepted for printing March, 7, 2018

Animal Science

Studies of the exterior of the Karakachan horse breed

Popova, M., V. Nikolov, N. Krastev and G. Gradev

Received January, 10, 2018; accepted for printing February, 26, 2018

Reproductive performance of Hair goat and growth traits of Hair goat and Saanen x Hair (F1) crossbred kids in rural conditions

Çelik, H.T. and M. Olfaz

Received August, 25, 2017; accepted for printing March, 20, 2018

Comparison on the effects of several leaf meal kinds included in diets of laying hens on egg yield and quality

Hien, T.Q, T.T. Hoan, M.A. Khoa, T.T. Kien and T.Q. Trung

Received October, 20, 2017; accepted for printing March, 22, 2018

The effects of phytase in nitrogen and phosphorus excretion of laying hens fed reduced protein levels

Muji, S., M. Kamberi, A. Kryeziu, R. Kastrati and N. Mestani

Received July, 21, 2017; accepted for printing March, 12, 2018

Food Science and Technologies

Determination of the coefficient of diffusion of extracts from goji berry (Lycium barbarum) fruits

Taneva, I., M. Dimov, Z. Zlatev and S. Baycheva

Received December, 14, 2017; accepted for printing March, 9, 2018

Microbiological study of traditional cheese produced in Rugova region of Kosovo

Ajazi, F.C., K. Kurteshi, M.A. Ehrmann, R. Gecaj, M. Ismajli, B. Berisha and I. Vehapi

Received September, 13, 2017; accepted for printing March, 7, 2018

Agricultural Technology

New solution – cultivation and storage of soft fruits and vegetables in chambers of the “containers” type with positive temperatures (Container Skyscraper, Mumbai, India)

Aleksandrov, Y.

Received December, 31, 2017; accepted for printing March, 9, 2018

Method of adaptive control of effective energy lighting of greenhouses in the visible optical range

Vovna, O., I. Laktionov, S. Sukach, M. Kabanets and E. Cherevko

Received September, 18, 2017; accepted for printing March, 22, 2018

Number 3

Agricultural Economics

Performance of the Chilean wine industry through trade indicators in the period 2001-2016

Guevara, W. and C. Morales

Received January, 28, 2018; accepted for printing May, 3, 2018

The duration of the Hungarian maize exports

Fertő, I. and A.B. Szerb

Received November, 27, 2017; accepted for printing May, 22, 2018

Optimal allocation of bank credit among agricultural subsectors under uncertainty condition

Feizabadi, Y. and M. Akbarian

Received October, 11, 2017; accepted for printing May, 21, 2018

Agricultural Management

Macroeconomic aspects of the price and the salary in development of competitive and export-oriented agriculture in Azerbaijan

Humbatova, S.İ. and N. G-O. Hajiyev

Received February, 7, 2018; accepted for printing May, 4, 2018

Coupling hydrological and crop models for improved agricultural water management – A review

Kanda, E.K., T. Mabhaudhi and A. Senzanje

Received November, 8, 2017; accepted for printing April, 30, 2018

Plant Science

Highly specific hemagglutination activity of plant lectins in specific species: case of Fabaceae and Solanaceae

Zubčević, N., M. Fočak and D. Suljević

Received August, 20, 2017; accepted for printing May, 14, 2018

Productive features of oat varieties grown in organic production in the region of Strumica

Spasova, D., B. Atanasova, D. Valcheva, D. Spasov, M. Ilievski and A. Burovska

Received November, 24, 2017; accepted for printing May, 14, 2018

Effects of media combination with concentration of AB-Mix nutrient on growth of banana shoots on in vitro

Prabowo, H., Samanhudi, E. Yuniastuti and Ahmad Yunus

Received January, 10, 2017; accepted for printing May, 23, 2018

Plant Genetics

Review of the methods for breeding of sesame varieties (Sesamum indicum L.) in Bulgaria

Stamatov, S.K. and M.G. Deshev

Received November, 22, 2017; accepted for printing May, 16, 2018

Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using different genotypes of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) extract

Amini, F. and H. Dastjerd

Received June, 21, 2017; accepted for printing May, 21, 2018

Cytogenetic and Karyotype Analysis of Sapodilla (Achras zapota)

Yuniastuti, E., Parjanto, E. Yulianingsih and M.N.I. Delfianti

Received August, 30, 2017; accepted for printing May, 21, 2018

Ecology, Agrochemistry and Soil Science

Physico-chemical characterization of agricultural residues as precursors for activated carbon preparation

Flores, R.A.C., F.P. Garcia, E.M.O. Sanchez, A.M.B. Miro and O.A.A. Sandoval

Received February, 23, 2018; accepted for printing April, 26, 2018

Using chitosan to improve growth of maize cultivars under salinity conditions

Al-Tawaha, A.R., M.A. Turk, A.R.M. Al-Tawaha, M.H. Alu’datt, M. Wedyan, E. Al-D. M. Al-Ramamneh and A.T. Hoang

Received November, 17, 2017; accepted for printing May, 9, 2018Received November, 17, 2017; accepted for printing May, 9, 2018

Impact of coastal sediment for reclamation of peatlands in Kubu Raya District, Indonesia

Arief, F.B., S. Suntoro, S. Sagiman and J. Sutrisno

Received August, 21, 2017; accepted for printing May, 10, 2018

Animal Science

Investigation on feeding level and milk production of Holstein dairy cows under farm conditions in Kosovo

Krasniqi, F., M.A. Kamberi, R. Kastrati, E. Emiri-Sallaku and M. Tafaj

Received September, 7, 2017; accepted for printing May, 18, 2018

Semen parameters and their seasonal variations of local Arbia breed bucks in Western Algeria

Belhamiti, T.B., A. Amrane, S.M. Hammoudi, S.M.A. Selles, A.R. Benia, E.A. Mammeri and R. Kaidi

Received October, 3, 2017; accepted for printing May, 18, 2018

Optigen dose influence on the haematological indices of high-producing cows

Baimishev, K.B., S.I. Nikolayev, M.H. Baimishev, I.V. Uskova, E.I. Petukhova and K.A. Safiullin

Received November, 13, 2017; accepted for printing May, 14, 2018

Fattening performance and slaughter traits in male Pharaoh Japanese quails

Lukanov, H. and A. Genchev

Received October, 29, 2017; accepted for printing May, 14, 2018

Productivity of rabbits and balance of selenium in their body by feeding different doses of selenium

Syvyk, T.L., L.S. Dyachenko, O.M. Tytariova, O.P. Shulko, O.P. Osipenko, L.V. Pirova and V.V. Bilkevych

Received November, 2, 2017; accepted for printing May, 17, 2018

Animal Genetics

Genetic evaluation for fiber length and fiber diameter of Inner Mongolia Cashmere Goats at different staple length

Xuewu, Li, R. Wang, Z. Wang, Q. Na, H. Li, Z. Wang, R. Su, Y. Zhang, Z. Liu, J. Li and L. He

Received September, 8, 2017; accepted for printing May, 18, 2018

Veterinary Science

Immunochromatographic assay for the foot-and-mouth disease utilizing recombinant nonstructural proteins 2C, 3A, 3B and 3D

Mukantayev, K., K. Tursunov, B. Ingirbay, Z. Adish, M. Azhibayeva, Z. Kairova, E. Ramankulov, K. Mukanov and A. Shustov

Received October, 16, 2017; accepted for printing May, 15, 2018

Radiographic study of the topography of the hepatic vasculature and bile ducts of the rabbit

Stamatova-Yovcheva, K., R. Dimitrov and O.G. Dilek

Received March, 13, 2018; accepted for printing May, 21, 2018

Food Science and Technologies

Antioxidant activity and storage regime of grape seeds flakes – a waste product in wine elaboration

Durakova, A.G., A.L. Bogoeva, A.I. Pavlov, K.T. Dinkov, R.Z. Vrancheva and V.B. Yanakieva

Received December, 17, 2017; accepted for printing May, 9, 2018

Synergistic effect of application of enzyme preparation with bifidobacteria in protein hydrolysate manufacturing technology

Lukin, A.

Received October, 12, 2017; accepted for printing May, 14, 2018

Technological process of preparation of meat sheep in traditional way in Kosovo

Berisha, K., H. Bytyqi, H. Mehmeti, A. Hamidi and D. Sylejmani

Received September, 9, 2017; accepted for printing May, 11, 2018

Number 4


Institutional environment and climate change impacts on sustainability of Bulgarian agriculture

Hrabrin Bachev

Economic value of greenhouse gas emissions from crop production in Iran

Mohammad Ghorbani, Suren Kulshreshtha, Mohsen Jamali

Strategies for market food industry in southern Italy: Some results through structured interview

Maurizio Lanfranchi, Carlo Giannetto, Ferdinando Ofria, Fulvio Rizzo, Vihra Dimitrova, Mariana Ivanova

An analysis of farmers’ income in some Italian agritourism

Nicola Galluzzo

Changes of technical efficiency and total factor productivity of cocoa farming in Indonesia


Social economic factors that affect cattle farmer’s willingness to pay for artificial insemination programs

Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin, Indriati Sudirman, Lydia Devega Bahar, Abdel Rahman Al Tawaha, Abdel Razzaq Al-Tawaha


Characteristics of soils from the plateau of Kamen briag and the fault-block terrace of the reserve “Yailata”

Toma Shishkov, Maria Jokova

Effect of sulfur-containing fertilizers on the chemical properties of soil and winter wheat yield

Akerke Soltanaeva, Beibut Suleimenov, Galymzhan Saparov, Tursunay Vassilina

The effect of bio-slurry fertilization on growth, dry matter yield and quality of hybrid sudangrass and sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) Samurai-2 variety

Budiman Nohong, Rohmiyatul Islamiyati

Evaluation of the plant pattern of intercropping in chemical soil elements using the nonlinear response surface model

Mehdi Dahmardeh, Behrooz Keshtegar, Mahdieh Rajaei, Issa Khammari

Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhiza and maize yield in Cajeput agroforestry system with different fertilizer management

Parwi, Bambang Pudjiasmanto, Djoko Purnomo, Vita Ratri Cahyani

The inoculation of mycorrhiza and Talaromyces pinophilus toward the improvement in growth and phosphorus uptake of oil palm seedlings (Elaeis guineensis Jacq) on saline soil media

Mariani Sembiring, Jefri, Sakiah, Mardiana Wahyuni


Isolation and characterization of biosurfactant-producing bacteria isolated from agriculture area in Thailand

Pannapa Powthong, Pattra Suntornthiticharoen


Leaf morphological and anatomical traits variation of Artemisia herba-alba in a steppe zone of Algeria

Khadidja Abderabbi, Ahmed Adda, Hachemi Benhassaini, Othmane Merah

Effects of kinetin on the morpho-physiological and biochemical characteristic of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)

Mohammed Moneruzzaman Khandaker, Nur Liyana, Ali Majrashi, Tahir Dalorima, Nadiawati Alias, Nashriyah Mat

Influence of irrigation management as partial rootzone drying on raspberry canes

Kujtim Lepaja, E. Kullaj, L. Lepaja

Optimized amount of hairy woodrose (Merremia aegyptia L.) in the productivity of coriander cultivars

Paulo César Ferreira Linhares, Janilson Pinheiro de Assis, Roberto Pequeno de Sousa, José Roberto de Sá, Maria Francisca Soares Pereira, Whenia Benevides Ramalho, Rita Ianáskara Gomes da Silva, Rogério Alexandrino da Silva, Karla Elita Viegas Pereira


Monitoring of economically important wheat viruses under weather conditions change in Ukraine and investigation of seed transmission of wheat streak mosaic virus

Lidiya T. Mishchenko, Alina A. Dunich, Ivan А. Mishchenko, Vira P. Petrenkova, Tetyana І. Mukha

Monitoring of spotted wing drosophila in raspberries and blackberries in Troyan region, Bulgaria

Petko Minkov, Diyan Georgiev, Nedyalka Palagacheva, Vasiliy Dzhuvinov

Chemical control of Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) (Lepidoptera; Noctuidae) in tobacco for seed production

Tanya Vaneva-Gancheva


DMRT3 gene mutation and highly linked SNP in gaitedness horse breeds

Nadejda Lukanova, Katerina Stefanova, Radostina Stoykova-Grigorova


Current state of phytoplankton in Batak reservoir (Southwest Bulgaria)

Kostadin Dochin, Velika Kuneva, Angelina Ivanova, Ivan Iliev


Cysticercus tenuicollis in small ruminants of Algeria: abattoir survey, biochemical and morphological characterizations

Kouidri Mokhtaria, Smail Fadela, Selles Sidi Mohammed Ammar, Belhamiti Tahar Belkacem, Ait Amrane Amar, Abdelhadi Si Ameur and Barani Abdelkader


Investigation of the furrow formation by the disc tillage tools

Maxat Amantayev, Gayaz Gaifullin, Ruslan Kravchenko, Valentina Kushnir, Serik Nurushev

New solution: cultivation and storage of soft fruits and vegetables in volumes, situated on rotating rings, and irrigated by a system that uses condensed mist moisture (in super skyscraper, London)

Yanko Aleksandrov


Influence of fermentation and germination treatments on physicochemical and functional properties of acorn flour

Menasra Amina, Fahloul Djamel, Haddad Djamel

Number 5


Competitiveness in the trade of spices: A global evidence

Attila Jambor, Andrea Timea Toth, Domonkos Koroshegyi

Impact of agricultural finance in rural areas – case study Kosovo

Jehona Shkodra, Liridona Shkodra

Potentials of sustainable development of medicinal plants in Wonogiri regency of Central Java province of Indonesia

Erlyna Wida Riptanti, Aulia Qonita, Rhina Uchyani Fajarningsih

Agribusiness partnership performance in empowering broiler breeders

Muh. Ridwan, Amidah Amrawaty

Agrobiodiversity in the rural home gardens as the food reserve for climate change adaptation (case study: Samin sub-watershed, Central Java, Indonesia)

Endang Setia Muliawati, Maria Theresia Sri Budiastuti, Didik Suprayogo, Joko Sutrisno

The economic analysis of rice and cassava stable food-crops processing in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Temidayo Gabriel Apata, Tolulope Ariyomo, Bosede Racheal Adebisi


Soil quality assessment in organic and non organic paddy fields in Susukan, Indonesia

Supriyadi, Itsna Ayu Mustikaningrum, Aktavia Herawati, Purwanto Purwanto, Sumani Sumani


The effect of seed size and seeding depth on the components of maize yield structure

Vitalii Palamarchuk, Natalia Telekalo

Effect of water flow rate on quantity and quality of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in nutrient film technique (NFT) under hydroponics conditions

Abdel Razzaq Al-Tawaha, Ghazi Al-Karaki, Abdel Rahman Al Tawaha, Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin, Ibrahim Makhadmeh, Puteri Edaroyati Megat Wahab, Refat A. Youssef, Wael Al Sultan, Adnan Massadeh

In vitro propagation of grape cultivars and rootstocks for production of pre-basic planting material

Svetla Yancheva, Petar Marchev, Veneta Yaneva, Venelin Roichev, Ivan Tsvetkov

Comparative palynobiometric study of seedless vine cultivars and hybrid forms (Vitis vinifera L.)

Venelin Roychev

Genotype expression of traditional pear variety ‘Tiranka’ depending on ecological factors

Ana Selamоvska, Suzana Jordanovska

Introduced sesame accessions as donors of useful qualities for breeding of mechanized harvesting cultivars

Stanislav Stamatov, Nikolaya Velcheva, Manol Deshev

Macroelement content and chemical composition of oriental tobacco varieties grown under the same agro-ecological conditions

Penka Zaprjanova, Gergana Hristozova

Allelopathic effect between seeds of Sorghum vulgare var. technicum [Körn.] and Sinapis alba L.

Plamen Marinov-Serafimov, Irena Golubinova, Shteliana Kalinova

Study on cultivation of cassava, leucaena and stylosanthes grass for leaf meal production for chicken diet supplement

Tran Thị Hoan, Tu Trung Kien, Tu Quang Trung, Mai Anh Khoa, Tu Quang Hien


Effective use of the elements of organic farming in medicinal herb cultivation to increase plant resistance the viruses on an example of purple coneflower

Lidiya T. Mishchenko, Bistra A. Dikova, Ivan A. Mishchenko, Alina A. Dunich, Ludmila A. Glushchenko

Designing primers for loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for detection of Ganoderma boninense

Yushahfira Akul, Vijay Kumar, Khim Phin Chong


Effect of the inclusion of different doses of biologically active plant supplement into the combined feed for grower pigs

Ivelina Zapryanova, Maya Ignatova


Morpho-physiological characteristics of Russian sturgeon reared in net cages

Lyudmila Nikolova, Georgi Georgiev, Stanimir Bonev


Antibiotics residue in raw milk samples from four regions of Kosovo

Skender Muji, Blerta Mehmedi, Agim Rexhepi, Xhavit Ramadani

Determination of C4 sugars and of invertase multifloral honey samples from Bulgaria

Vanya Manolova, Ivayla Parvina, Todorka Yankovska-Stefanova, Ralitsa Balkanska


Possibility of application of collagen preparation in egg white cream manufacturing technology

Aleksandr Lukin

Lactic acid beverage fortified with goji berry

Tatyana Balabanova, Mihaela Ivanova, Ivan Ivanov, Milena Dimitrova, Мaria Dushkova, Radka Vlaseva

Heat stability and antioxidant potential of beta-carotene isolated from a fungal isolate

Nitika Thakur


Application of NIR spectroscopy for cellulose determination in flax

Yuriy I. Enakiev, Ekaterina A. Grishina, Sergey L. Belopukhov, Inna I. Dmitrevskaya

Evaluation of the bruising susceptibility of apple in transport conditions

Vahid Rostampour, Asad Modares Motlagh

Optimum control model of soil water regime under irrigation

Aleksey S. Оvchinnikov, Viktor V. Borodychev, Mihail N. Lytov, Viktor S. Bocharnikov, Sergey D. Fomin, Olesya V. Bocharnikova. Elena S. Vorontsova

An analysis of drought and its relationship with an agricultural area in the watershed of Krueng Aceh, Indonesia

Azmeri, Asri Syahrial

Number 6


Preliminary findings in Italian farms part of FADN dataset by the PLS-SEM

Nicola Galluzzo

The impact of financial support program in creation on farm jobs, Kosovo’s case

Ekrem Gjokaj, Stephen Leeds, Kapllan Halimi

Impact of technology and infrastructure support for sustainable rice in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ekawati, Kusnandar, Novira Kusrini, Darsono

Constraints of farm size enlargement in the rice sector of Central Java: A case study

Ernoiz Antriyandarti

A prospective strategy for institutional development of Gayo coffee agroindustry in Aceh province, Indonesia

Rahmat Fadhil, M. Syamsul Maarif, Tajuddin Bantacut, Aji Hermawan

Intellectual property rights for breeder’s achievements in Bulgaria

Maria Markova

Perceptions toward transaction costs: Aspect of hiring the agricultural machinery services by rice farmers in Iraq

Ismail b Abd Latif, Zuhal Rdhaiwi Kadhim

The determinants of sustainable irrigation water prices in Iran

Riza Radmehr, Samira Shayanmehr


Soil test based with additional nutrients increased the fertility and productivity of wheat-mungbean-T. Aman rice cropping pattern in the High Ganges River Floodplain soils of Bangladesh

Shilpi Das, Mohammad Mohsin Ali, Mohammad Habibur Rahman, Mahbubur Rahman Khan, Akbar Hossain, Ayman EL Sabagh, Celaleddin Barutcular, Hakkı Akdeniz

Effect of co-inoculation with Bradyrhizobium japonicum and Pseudomonas putida on root morph-architecture traits, nodulation and growth of soybean in response to phosphorus supply under hydroponic conditions

Dilfuza P. Jabborova, Yuriy I. Enakiev, Kakhramon D. Davranov, Shahjahon A. Begmatov

Greenhouse evaluation of biochar to enhance soil properties and plant growth performance under arid environment

Osama Mohawesh, Timothy Coolong, Mohammad Aliedeh, Samer Qaraleh

Effect of cow manure and dolomite on nutrient uptake and growth of corn (Zea mays L.)

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Effect of bioremediation in soil of paddyfield contaminated by chromium (Cr) on soil fertility and chromium uptake by plant in Karanganyar, Central Java

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Comparative analysis of genetic diversity of bread wheat genotypes based on protein and DNA markers

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Early events during the induction of somatic embryogenesis in genera Medicago

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Tolerance of gooseberry varieties to maximally low temperature in the middle of winter

Zoya E. Ozherelieva, Pavel S. Prudnikov, Oleg V. Kurashev, Diana A. Krivushina

Biological indicators of Bulgarian and introduced Burley tobacco varieties

Tzenka Radoukova, Yovko Dyulgerski

Comparative investigations of Oblachinska sour cherry on own root and grafted on mahaleb

Marjan Kiprijanovski, Toso Arsov, Viktor Gjamovski, Nikola Saraginovski

Biochemical composition of essential oil of Corsican Helichrysum italicum (Roth) G. Don, introduced and cultivated in South Bulgaria

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The influence of bio-stimulants on productivity of coriander in the non-chernozem zone of Russia

Dmitry Vinogradov, Ekaterina Lupova, Dmitry Khromtsev, Viliana Vasileva


Effectiveness of L-Arginine or nitric oxide as a reactivator and an antidote against cholinesterase pesticides and other toxic substances

Radoy Ivanov, Elitsa Dencheva


Reproductive parameters in sows after supplementation of natural micronutrients – immunomodulators

Dušan Zvekić, Aleksandar Božić, Željka Jurakić

Carcass traits of broilers as affected by different stocking density and sex

Alltane J. Kryeziu, Muhamet Kamberi, Skender Muji, Nuridin Mestani, Shpetim Berisha

Efficiency of lactic acid bacteria as the potent degradative microorganism to digest the total mixed ration in vitro

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Application of ISSR markers for detection of genetic variation in two Bulgarian autochthonous goat breeds

Milena Kostova, Bojin Bojinov


Lebedyn cattlebreed genetic pool genesis and new types and breeds developed on its base

Y. Sklyarenko, O. Metlitska, V. Ladyka, I. Ivankova


Correlation between body weight and nutritional value of Alosa kessleri

Mohammad Reza Ghomi, Elena Tricarico, Mehdi Nikoo, Ahmad Ghenaatparast


Evaluation of sequential extraction of some biological materials from orange fruits peel (Citrus sinensis)

Khaled Ramadan, Souhail Nader, Amina Ibrahim


Headland turns using the tractor’s “fifth wheel” steering device instead of front steering wheels

Krasimir Trendafilov, Nedelcho Delchev