A Comparative Analysis of Physico-Chemical Indicators and Sensory Characteristics of Yogurt with Added Honey and Bee Pollen

Trakia University, Faculty of Technics and Technologies, BG-8602, Yambol, Bulgaria


Zlatev, Z., I. Taneva, S. Baycheva and M. Petev, 2018. A comparative analysis of physico-chemical indicators and sensory characteristics of yogurt with added honey and bee pollen. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 24 (1): 132–144

The research presents the main physico-chemical characteristics of the analyzed yogurt with or without the addition of honey and bee pollen. An analysis is made of the possibility to predict the organoleptic indicators of yogurts with and without supplements honey and bee pollen using basic physical and chemical indicators. From the comparative analysis between the created yogurts and those distributed commercially is established that the use of honey up to 5% and pollen up to 0.4% improved organoleptic and physico-chemical properties of the final product. The results of these analyzes are confirmed by data found in the literature.

Key words: yoghurt; functional foods; correspondence analysis; sensory evaluation

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