Egg Production from Dual Purpose Hen Genotypes Reared in a Free Range System

Agricultural University, Department of Animal Science, BG-4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Gerzilov, V., V. Boncheva and P. Petrov, 2018. Egg production from dual purpose hen genotypes reared in a free range system. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 24 (1): 119–125

Egg production until 52 weeks of age was investigated in six chicken genotypes of various origin: Tetra H and Tetra Super Harco (two hybrids produced by Bábolna Tetra Kft., Hungary), line G (White Plymouth Rock) and line Е (Barred Plymouth Rock) from the National Gene Pool and two introduced breeds (Bielefelder and Australorp) in two replications. The birds of each group (27 ♀; and 3 ♂) were reared in a free-range system with outdoor access to walking yards. The highest egg production, best feed conversion per egg produced in both experiments were demonstrated in Tetra Super Harco hybrid, followed by the two lines of the National Gene Pool G and E, Australorp, Tetra H and finally, Bielefelder. 

Key words: dual purpose hen; egg; free range poultry; genotype; morphological characteristic

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