Recent Active Technologies of Greenhouse Systems – A Comprehensive Review

1 University of Nottingham, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering, University Park, NG7 2RD Nottingham, UK
2 Sebelas Maret University, Department of Physics Education, Surakarta 57126, Indonesia


Harjunowibowo, D., Y. Ding, S. Omer and S. Riffat, 2018. Recent active technologies of greenhouse systems – a comprehensive review. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 24 (1): 158–170

Recent innovations in greenhouses for energy-saving purposes have included developments in heat-pump technology, semi-transparent Photovoltaic (PV), lighting technology, and control systems. In addition, retrofitting greenhouse with Light Emittance Diode (LEDs) can provide energy-saving lighting, which costs up to 75% less per year compared to the cost of other artificial lights. Moreover, combining heat pump and underground thermal storage could cut energy demands by 25%, and semi-transparent or checkerboard PVs on rooftops could simultaneously reduce the cooling energy demand and generate electricity. Finally, an automatic control system in greenhouses would both ensure energy efficiency and accurately control the microclimate within the greenhouse, resulting in suitable conditions for the crops.

Key words: control system; energy demand; greenhouse; lighting, retrofitting

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