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From the beginning of 1995 the Agricultural Academy in Bulgaria is publishing Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science® (BJAS) - the first agricultural scientific journal in Bulgaria for fundamental and applied researches, published entirely in English language, and one of the few such journals in Central Europe.
Bulgaria is an agricultural country with traditions and long standing experience in the development of agrarian science and production. BJAS, printing in English, in accordance with international standards,provides possibilities for Bulgarian agricultural science to enter adequately into the worlds scientific field, to find its place in reviews, abstracts and electronic means for processing and transfer of scientific information. Besides scientific articles provided in Bulgarian universities and research institutes, BJAS publishes also articles from Eastern Europe and other countries all over the world. The Editorial board of the journal includes prominent scholars from Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Spain, Japan, Greece, Bulgaria and other countries.

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Volume 24 Number 5 October 2018


Competitiveness in the trade of spices: A global evidence

Attila Jambor, Andrea Timea Toth, Domonkos Koroshegyi

Impact of agricultural finance in rural areas – case study Kosovo

Jehona Shkodra, Liridona Shkodra

Potentials of sustainable development of medicinal plants in Wonogiri regency of Central Java province of Indonesia

Erlyna Wida Riptanti, Aulia Qonita, Rhina Uchyani Fajarningsih

Agribusiness partnership performance in empowering broiler breeders

Muh. Ridwan, Amidah Amrawaty

Agrobiodiversity in the rural home gardens as the food reserve for climate change adaptation (case study: Samin sub-watershed, Central Java, Indonesia)

Endang Setia Muliawati, Maria Theresia Sri Budiastuti, Didik Suprayogo, Joko Sutrisno

The economic analysis of rice and cassava stable food-crops processing in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Temidayo Gabriel Apata, Tolulope Ariyomo, Bosede Racheal Adebisi


Soil quality assessment in organic and non organic paddy fields in Susukan, Indonesia

Supriyadi, Itsna Ayu Mustikaningrum, Aktavia Herawati, Purwanto Purwanto, Sumani Sumani


The effect of seed size and seeding depth on the components of maize yield structure

Vitalii Palamarchuk, Natalia Telekalo

Effect of water flow rate on quantity and quality of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in nutrient film technique (NFT) under hydroponics conditions

Abdel Razzaq Al-Tawaha, Ghazi Al-Karaki, Abdel Rahman Al Tawaha, Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin, Ibrahim Makhadmeh, Puteri Edaroyati Megat Wahab, Refat A. Youssef, Wael Al Sultan, Adnan Massadeh

In vitro propagation of grape cultivars and rootstocks for production of pre-basic planting material

Svetla Yancheva, Petar Marchev, Veneta Yaneva, Venelin Roichev, Ivan Tsvetkov

Comparative palynobiometric study of seedless vine cultivars and hybrid forms (Vitis vinifera L.)

Venelin Roychev

Genotype expression of traditional pear variety ‘Tiranka’ depending on ecological factors

Ana Selamоvska, Suzana Jordanovska

Introduced sesame accessions as donors of useful qualities for breeding of mechanized harvesting cultivars

Stanislav Stamatov, Nikolaya Velcheva, Manol Deshev

Macroelement content and chemical composition of oriental tobacco varieties grown under the same agro-ecological conditions

Penka Zaprjanova, Gergana Hristozova

Allelopathic effect between seeds of Sorghum vulgare var. technicum [Körn.] and Sinapis alba L.

Plamen Marinov-Serafimov, Irena Golubinova, Shteliana Kalinova

Study on cultivation of cassava, leucaena and stylosanthes grass for leaf meal production for chicken diet supplement

Tran Thị Hoan, Tu Trung Kien, Tu Quang Trung, Mai Anh Khoa, Tu Quang Hien


Effective use of the elements of organic farming in medicinal herb cultivation to increase plant resistance the viruses on an example of purple coneflower

Lidiya T. Mishchenko, Bistra A. Dikova, Ivan A. Mishchenko, Alina A. Dunich, Ludmila A. Glushchenko

Designing primers for loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for detection of Ganoderma boninense

Yushahfira Akul, Vijay Kumar, Khim Phin Chong


Effect of the inclusion of different doses of biologically active plant supplement into the combined feed for grower pigs

Ivelina Zapryanova, Maya Ignatova


Morpho-physiological characteristics of Russian sturgeon reared in net cages

Lyudmila Nikolova, Georgi Georgiev, Stanimir Bonev


Antibiotics residue in raw milk samples from four regions of Kosovo

Skender Muji, Blerta Mehmedi, Agim Rexhepi, Xhavit Ramadani

Determination of C4 sugars and of invertase multifloral honey samples from Bulgaria

Vanya Manolova, Ivayla Parvina, Todorka Yankovska-Stefanova, Ralitsa Balkanska


Possibility of application of collagen preparation in egg white cream manufacturing technology

Aleksandr Lukin

Lactic acid beverage fortified with goji berry

Tatyana Balabanova, Mihaela Ivanova, Ivan Ivanov, Milena Dimitrova, Мaria Dushkova, Radka Vlaseva

Heat stability and antioxidant potential of beta-carotene isolated from a fungal isolate

Nitika Thakur


Application of NIR spectroscopy for cellulose determination in flax

Yuriy I. Enakiev, Ekaterina A. Grishina, Sergey L. Belopukhov, Inna I. Dmitrevskaya

Evaluation of the bruising susceptibility of apple in transport conditions

Vahid Rostampour, Asad Modares Motlagh

Optimum control model of soil water regime under irrigation

Aleksey S. Оvchinnikov, Viktor V. Borodychev, Mihail N. Lytov, Viktor S. Bocharnikov, Sergey D. Fomin, Olesya V. Bocharnikova. Elena S. Vorontsova

An analysis of drought and its relationship with an agricultural area in the watershed of Krueng Aceh, Indonesia

Azmeri, Asri Syahrial