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Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science (BJAS)® is a peer-reviewed, open access, online and print journal, issued bimonthly. It has been published in English since 1995. It publishes original research papers, review articles and brief communications from all areas of agricultural science including agricultural economics, agroecology, agrochemisty and soil science, crop science, plant protection, animal science, veterinary medicine, fisheries and aquaculture, agricultural engineering, food technologies and other related areas.

ISSN 1310-0351 - print
ISSN 2534-983X - online

Publisher: Agricultural Academy of Bulgaria
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Martin Banov
Executive editor: Estel Dimitrova
E-mail: bjas_sb@abv.bg
Web: www.agrojournal.org

Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
125, Tzarigradsko shosse Blvd., Block 1
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

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Note to contributors

Volume 29 Number 4 August 2023


Opportunities for delivery of agri-enviromental public goods in Bulgarian agriculture through performance-based contracts

Kristina Todorova and Dimitre Nikolov

Dynamic capabilities for leading industries: proof of export commitment of chocolate products

Gyska Indah Harya, Nuhfil Hanani, Rosihan Asmara and dan Abdul Wahib Muhaimin

Rediscover of cities as vertical clusters for agricultural needs (objectives) and for specific care in a pandemic condition

Yanko Aleksandrov

Assessment of the EU market farms sustainability based on a composite sustainability index

Veselin Krustev


Pot experiment to assess soil quality index and rice harvest index in sandy soil using Azolla microphylla and chicken manure

Jauhari Syamsiyah, Luthfi Shobibaturrohmah Afnani, Sudadi, Aktavia Herawati, Mujiyo

The Hazard of Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield Prediction for Krueng Mane Watershed in Indonesia

Annisa Dini Safira, Azmeri Azmeri, Eldina Fatimah, Asri Syahrial and Tuti Rahmawati

Application of sodium azide for chemical induced mutagenesis of proso millet culture (Panicum miliaceum L.)

Aiym Zeinullina, Aiman Rysbekova, Elmira Dyussibayeva, Irina Zhirnova, Nursaule Zhanbyrshina, Zhazira Zhunusbayeva and SvetlaYancheva

Agronomic performance and fiber quality of the new cotton varieties Tiara and Melani

Valentina Dimitrova

Investigation and restoration of land disturbed by industrial activity

Martin Banov


Diagnostics and optimisation of mineral nutrition quality of pome fruit crops

Tetiana Maliuk, Pachev Ivan, Liliia Kozlova, Natalia Pcholkina and Liubov Pokopseva

Quality parameters of applicant tobacco variety Virginia 0842

Hristo Bozukov, Maria Kasheva, Margarita Docheva and Yovcho Kochev

A review of some cultivation practices affecting the nicotine content of tobacco grown in Bulgaria

Radka Bozhinova


The effect of salinity on chlorophyll levels in 20 sensitive and tolerant genotypes of wheat bread

Mehdi Zohdi Aghdam and Farzad Jalili

Phytosanitary state of pea agrophytocenoses under various methods of basic tillage

Oleg Bukin, Andrey Saveliev, Dvitriy Bochkarev, Aleksandr Nikolsky, Aleksandr Kuznetsov and Olesia Savelievа

Evaluation of the genetic diversity in broad bean (Vicia faba L.) accessions

Valentin Kosev and Natalia Georgieva

Fruit yield, water and nitrogen use efficiency of tomato under drip irrigation in unheated greenhouse

Galina Patamanska and Ivanka Mitova

Evaluation of soybean accessions (Glycine max L.) for pod shattering resistance at ripening

Sofiya Petrova, Stoyan Ishpekov, Naiden Naidenov and Stanislav Stamatov

Impact of summer green pruning on the phenolic content of grapes from Cabernet Franc cultivar

Ferihan Emurlova and Tatyana Yoncheva


Effect of adding protected methionine to the ration on hematological indices and biochemical blood parameters in Awassi lambs

Abdulnassir Thanoon Alkhashab, Hanan Waleed Kassim and Thaer Mohammad Abdelalbaki


Effect of zinc methionine supplementation on biochemical and hematological indices of growing rabbits

Yevhen Dzen, Volodymyr Rosalovsky, Oksana Shtapenko, Olha Slypaniuk and Yuriy Salyha

Dynamics of leukocytes and cytokines after moderate altitude exposure in pregnant ewes with low and high hematocrit levels

Penka Moneva, Ivan Yanchev and Nikola Metodiev

Can Facial Expressions and Infrared Thermography Be Used to Measure Positive Emotions in Goats?

Nizar J. Hussein and Assel A. I. Al-Nakshabendy

Effect of altitude on some hematological parameters in two Bulgarian local sheep breeds depending also on their body condition score

Ivan Yanchev, Nikola Metodiev, Penka Moneva and Maya Ignatova

The Egg Production Efficiency Index (EPEI) as an economic indicator for measuring poultry egg production

Hristo Lukanov, Atanas Genchev and Todor Petrov


Net energy and protein utilization along the “feеd with different protein sources – meat” chain in fattening female hybrid turkeis during the grower and finisher periods

Mitko Lalev, Dimo Penkov, Pavlina Hristakieva, Nadia Mincheva, Magdalena Oblakova and Ivelina Ivanova

Effects of bread waste and Calendula officinalis inclusion on egg production and egg quality

Svetlana Grigorova and Dimo Penkov