Supplements Volume 22

Supplement 1


The Effects of the Addition of the Probiotic “Primix Forsil” and the Adsorbent “Vitacorm REO” on Productivity and Some Blood Parameters in Growing Pigs

L. Caisin, A. Danilov, V. Ceban аnd T. Snitco

The Effect of Feed Rich in DHA in Egg Production, Egg Components and DHA Content in Yolk

N. Gjorgovska, K. Filev, V. Levkov, S. Gjorgjievski, V. Kostov and R. Nastova

Use of Feed Additives for Bee Families Growth Stimulation during Spring Time

Н. Eremia, A. Zagareanu and A. Chiriac

Changes in Productivity and Quality of Forage of Pea and Vetch under Impact of Products with Different Biological Effect

N. Georgieva and I. Nikolova

Physiological Variations during a Gradual Six-Hour Simulated Heat Stress in Early-Age Acclimated Broilers Fed Linseed Supplemented Diet

Z. Bengharbi, S. Dahmouni, A. Mouats, M. Petkova and M. Halbouche

Dietary Linseed Inclusion and Early-Age Acclimation Effects on Carcass Yield, Organs Development and Thermal Resistance of Broilers in Hot Climate

Z. Bengharbi, S. Dahmouni, A. Mouats, M. Petkova and M. Halbouche

Ammonia Compromises the Dynamics of Some Blood Parameters in Exposed to Stress Rabbits

P. Moneva, I. Yanchev, M. Dyavolova and D. Gudev


Evaluation of Multi-Dimensional Effects on the Ecology of Goat Farming in Turkey: The Case of Adana Province

H. Yilmaz, M. Gül, O. Parlakay and D. B. Budak

Ecological Method for Pest Management at Early Stages of Forage Pea and Vetch Development

I. Nikolova and N. Georgieva

Quality Control of Cattle’ Health on a Dairy Farm

L. Gordienko, E. Kulikova, G. Gaydutskaya and N. Elantseva

Productivity of Pigs and Quality Meat while Feeding Premix “Biolekks” and Bentonite

O. V. Ivanova and E. A. Ivanov

Quality of Beef from Young Bulls in Extended Fattening

S. Aleksić, M. M. Petrović, V. Pantelić, D. Ostojić Andrić, N. Stanišić, M. Petričević, D. Nikšić and A. Stanojković


Several Phenotypic Indexes of Goats of Local Population and Its Compliance with Standards of Selection

O. Mashner, P. Lyutskanov and E. Ciobanu

Evaluation of Gray Rams of Moldovan Karakul Type and Factor Dynamics of Gray Lambs

O. Mashner, S. Evtodienko, P. Lyutskanov and I. Buzu

Use of Rams of Imported Breeds for Increasing the Milk Productivity of Tsigay Breed Sheep

P. Lyutskanov, I. Tofan and O. Mashner

Egg Production Performance of the Local Ri Hen and Its Crossbreeds with Isa-Brown Strain in Semi-Intensive Conditions

N. D. Hoan, T. Q. Hien and T. T. Hoan

Relation between Carotenoids Content in Egg Yolk and Hatching Egg Quality According to the Time Laying Hens are Fed Diet Containing Leaf Meal

T. Q. Hien, N. D. Hoan, T. T. Hoan and T. Q. Trung

Phenotypic Correlations between Some Body Measurements and Prediction of Body Weight of Malya Sheep

S. Çilek and M. Petkova

Impact of Age and Gender on Head Measurements of Malya Sheep

S. Çilek and M. Petkova

The Allelofond of AEB Locus Heifers of Moldovan Black-Motley Type of Descendants of Different Bulls

V. Focsha and A. Konstandoglo

PCR-RFLP Analysis of MSTN Gene in Karakachan Sheep Breed

M. Bozhilova-Sakova, I. Dimitrova, A. Teneva and N. Petrov

The Influence of the Seasonality on Boars Sperm Production

L. Caisin and T. Snitco

Cytogenetical and Biotechnological Methods for Assessing Boar Reproductive Potential

L. Ostapovets and L. Starodub


Moldova’s Agri-Food Trade Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages in the Context of the EU Neighborhood

L. Cimpoies

General Information on Dairy Cattle Enterprise and Animal Welfare in East Mediterranean Region

M. Gül, H. Yilmaz, S. Akkoyun, O. Parlakay, M. E. Bilgili, Y. Vurarak, H. Hizli аnd N. Kiliçalp

Development Status of Meat Cattle in Ukraine

I. A. Suprun, S. Yu. Ruban and A. A. Getya


Performance Comparisons of Holstein and Brown Swiss Cattle Grown in a 12-Month Feedlot Beef System

Y. Bozkurt and C. Dogan

Evaluation of the Operational Characteristics of Sheep Milking Installation

H. Sabkov and I. Ivanov