Archive Volume 30

Number 1


The assessment of the development of grain production in ensuring food security in Azerbaijan

Ramina Mustafayeva, Yegana Abbasova, Ruhiyya Qambarova and Zenfira Bayramova

Received: November, 10, 2022; Approved: May, 06, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Optimizing data collection in precision agriculture – comparing remote sensing and in situ analyses

Endalkachew Abebe Kebede, Silviya Vasileva, Bozhidar Ivanov, Orhan Dengiz and Bojin Bojinov

Received: March, 11, 2023; Approved: May, 05, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Building appropriate strategy for improving the capabilities of agricultural extension services in Indonesia

Helvi Yanfika, Indah listiana, Kordiyana K. Rangga, Sumaryo Gitosaputro, Dame Trully Gultom and Indah Nurmayasari

Received: May, 01, 2023; Approved: August, 23, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Feeding strategies to reduce methane emissions: A review

Krum Nedelkov, Teodora Angelova, Jivko Krastanov and Milena Mihaylova

Received: August, 17, 2023; Approved: October, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Biochemical assessment of the tolerance to soil drought of Virginia tobacco varieties

Marina Drumeva-Yoncheva, Elena Shopova, Bistra Mihailova, Dessislava Todorova, Iskren Sergiev and Yonko Yonchev

Received: November, 29, 2022; Approved: February, 10, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Effects of rainfall on selected soil physico-chemical properties of marginal soil cultivated with MD2 pineapple crop

Hasmah Mohidin, Mohd Yazid Mohd Anas Khan, Azlina Narawi, Khairul Fikri Tamrin, Azilawati Banchit, Rosmiyati Hasni, Radziah Jack, Syahira Jos and Sulaiman Man

Received: April, 04, 2022; Approved: September, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Development of plant genetic resources’ collections and associated passport information through bilateral projects between Bulgaria and China

Nikolaya Velcheva

Received: August, 28, 2022; Approved: October, 03, 2022; Published: February, 2024


Inhibitory mechanism of Citrus sinensis L. osbeck peel extract against the growth of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. pathogen causing stem rot disease in peanut plants

Janeka Safitri, Abdul Latief Abadi, Anton Muhibuddin and Liliek Sulistyowati

Received: September, 11, 2022; Approved: December, 19, 2022; Published: February, 2024

Genetic variation, heritability and genetic advance of eggplant accessions (Solanum spp.)

Nusrat Tsemah Afful, Daniel Nyadanu, Richard Akromah, Harry Mensah Amoatey and Clement Annor

Received: July, 29, 2022; Approved: February, 15, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Productive possibilities of new lines of Burley Tobacco

Yovko Dyulgerski

Received: September, 24, 2022; Approved: October, 03, 2022; Published: February, 2024

Mutation breeding in underutilized cereal crops: a review

Ramadhani Kurnia Adhi, Warid Ali Qosim, Meddy Rachmadi and Farida Damayanti

Received: November, 06, 2022; Approved: December, 12, 2022; Published: February, 2024

Grain yield and yield-related traits of hulled and hull-less spring barley accessions

Nikolay Dyulgerov and Boryana Dyulgerova

Received: October, 11, 2022; Approved: April, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Physical and mechanical characteristics of grain and seeds

Bozhidar Kolev and Miroslav Mihaylov

Received: March, 12, 2023; Approved: June, 14, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Attitude of consumers towards the possibility of avoiding the culling of male layer-type chickens: a survey on the acceptability of the derived meat products

Evgeni Petkov, Krasimir Dimov, Teodora Popova and Maya Ignatova

Received: November, 14, 2023; Approved: November, 20, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Nutritional value and antioxidant activity of sprouts from seeds of Carica papaya – their benefits for broiler nutrition

Wike Winarti, Turrini Yudiarti, Endang Widiastuti, Hanny Indrat Wahyuni, Tri Agus Sartono and Sugiharto Sugiharto

Received: August, 10, 2022; Approved: November, 20, 2022; Published: February, 2024

Influence of the addition of milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum Gaertn) in compound feeds for fattening pigs on the biochemical indexes of blood and gain

Radena Nenova, Stanimir Enchev and Veselin Ivanov

Received: November, 17, 2022; Approved: July, 06, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Performance and biochemical parameters of Japanese quail blood to different levels of hydroalcoholic extract of Malva sylvestris

Ebrahim Talebi and Nikolina Rusenova

Received: March, 22, 2023; Approved: June, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024


The effect of different essential oils on antioxidant and shelf life of traditional fermented grain beverage Turkish boza

Elif Cakir, Hatice Ebrar Kirtil and Muhammet Arici

Received: December, 03, 2021; Approved: June, 06, 2023; Published: February, 2024.

Influence of barley flour incorporation on the indicators of bread from a mixture of white wheat and rye flour

Zlatin D. Zlatev and Viktorija Stamatovska

Received: January, 20, 2022; Approved: October, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Еvaluation of pepper breeding lines and accessions to Xanthomonas euvesicatoria and X. vesicatoria and fruit traits

Katya Vasileva and Velichka Todorova

Received: April, 27, 2022; Approved: February, 09, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Comparative oenological characteristics of wines from seedless coloured hybrid forms and vine varieties (Vitis vinifera L.)

Venelin Roychev, Hristo Spasov, Milena Tzanova, Neli Keranova and Dimitar Dimitrov

Received: March, 14, 2023; Approved: October, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Quality of lamb musculus Semimembranosus meat in relation to cold storage duration

Nikolay Ivanov, Stayka Laleva, Теоdora Аngelova and Ivan G. Penchev

Received: October, 20, 2023; Approved: November, 06, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Key agroforestry systems in temperate climate and standardization: evidence from Bulgaria case

Ivan Bozhikin and Elka Vasileva

Received: October, 17, 2022; Approved: May, 03, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Skyscraper with vertical clusters consisting of modules that can be adapted for agricultural needs and other specific activities (education, medical care (Covid-19) and sports

Yanko Aleksandrov

Received: December, 20, 2022; Approved: April, 15, 2023; Published: February, 2024