Pulling device for harvesting of Oleaginous Flax

Volodymyr Didukh1, Svitlana Yaheliuk2, Volodymyr Bodak1, Maksym Bodak1 and Olexandr Yaheliuk1
1 Lutsk National Technical University, Department of Agricultural Engineering, 43018, Lutsk, Volyn region, Ukraine
2 Lutsk National Technical University, Department of Commodity Research and Expertise Customs, 43018, Lutsk, Volyn region, Ukraine


Didukh, V., Yaheliuk, S., Bodak, V., Bodak, M. & Yaheliuk, O. (2024). Pulling device for harvesting of Oleaginous Flax. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 30(3), 539–546

Oleaginous Flax is harvested using direct combining to obtain seeds. During this process – Stem-Fiber Mass (SFM) is disposed of by incineration or shredding. Both cases are harmful to the environment. With a sufficient amount of moisture and heat, a short non-oriented fiber is formed in a stem. The fiber creates a problem in the operation of the cutting device of the harvester. Especially, when harvesting Oleaginous Flax in the phase of full ripeness, when the fiber has strengthened and the woody part has turned into a shives. Thus, it is possible to save the grown crop by pulling the stems. Well-known technical means of pulling flax stems have a small width of grip, which affects their productivity. The solution to the problem lies in the creation of the harvesting working bodies, taking into account the width of the harvester. Such a device, when installed on the harvesting part of the combine, should not disturb its structure. As a section of the working body, a pair of rollers of the appropriate geometric shape, rotating towards each other, is offered. The technological process of stem pulling involves capturing a certain number of stems with rotating surfaces and clamping them in the space between the surfaces. Superimposition of surface rotation speeds and forward speed of the grain harvester helps pull the stems out of the soil. This approach makes it possible to preserve the grown crop of Oleaginous Flax and create prerequisites for the use of the SFM.

Keywords: Oleaginous Flax; harvester; pulling device; rollers; stem
Abbreviations: SFM – Stem-Fiber Mass

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