Effect of management practices on soil fauna in organic orchard in Plovdiv region

Tatyana Bileva1, Ekaterina Valcheva1, Rada Popova2, Galya Dobrevska3, Manol Dallev4, Slaveya Petrova5,6
1 Agricultural University, Department of Agroecology & Environmental Protection, 4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2 Agricultural University, Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, 12, 4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
3 Agricultural University, Department of Viticulture & Fruit Growing, 4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
4 Agricultural University, Department of Agrocultural machinery, 4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
5 Agricultural University, Department of Microbiology & Ecological Biotechnology, 4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
6 Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”,Department of Ecology & Environmental Conservation, 4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Bileva, T., Valcheva, E., Popova, R., Dobrevska, G., Dallev, M. & Petrova, S. (2022). Effect of management practices on soil fauna in organic orchard in Plovdiv region. Bulg. J. Agri. Sci., 28 (4), 732–737

Different management of apple orchards agrosystems affects soil biodiversity. Organic farming is beneficial for conserving soil fauna and stimulating the decomposition lead to biological activity of the soil and respectively soil fertility. A field study was conducted to examine the influence of agricultural practices on soil fauna. The study was realized on organically managed apple orchard at Agroecological centre of Agricultural University of Plovdiv for two year period (2019-2020). We obtained comprehensive information by monitoring of various agrometeorological factors and agro-technological practices (tillage, mowing, irrigation, pest management and soil analysis). Macro- and microfauna were observed. Ecological parameters were higher in sward orchard and buffer zone.

Keywords: apple orchard, soil biodiversity, organic farming.

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