Environmental responsibility in sustainable agriculture

Eva Pechociakova Svitacova
Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, 949 76 Nitra, Slovakia


Svitacova, E. P. (2021). Environmental responsibility in sustainable agriculture. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 27 (5), 880–886

Environmental responsibility is presented as an important prerequisite for the transition to sustainable agriculture. For its definition, we consider inspiring the theory of H. Jonas and consequently, we draw attention to the importance of environmental responsibility for the development of sustainable agriculture. It is one of the pillars of the concepts of sustainable development as well as corporate social responsibility, on which this new economic model is based, while it is assumed that the entities in sustainable agriculture are able to increase productivity in the long term thanks to environmental responsibility, while respecting the biological principle as well as the principle of sustainability. Based on the research carried out in today’s agriculture, we point to the degree of environmental responsibility, or rather irresponsibility, in deciding on issues related to the environment.

Keyword: environmental responsibility; sustainable agriculture; sustainable development; corporate social responsibility

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