Parameters of the herbicide spraying system for oil-bearingrose production

Snezhan Bozhkov
“Nikola Poushkarov” Institute of Soil Science, Agrotechnologies and Plant Protection, 1331 Sofia, Bulgaria


Bozhkov, S. (2021). Parameters of the herbicide spraying system for oil-bearingrose production. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 27 (2), 410–416

Chemical weed control is characterized by a significantly lower energy intensity of the technological operation and the less time required for its realization, than the mechanical one.
Based on the morphological characteristics of the rose plant, the agrotechnical requirements for cultivation of the oil-bearingrose and the ways and means for conducting mechanized weed control, the structural parameters of a boom-type spraying system for treatment of the soil surface in the row between and around the rose bushes are defined. By computer simulation the relationship between operating factors influencing the efficiency and spraying quality, including the nozzle position with respect to the soil surface and the outer contour of the oil-bearingrose bush, the spray angle and the type of nozzle for spraying has set for different technological schemes of planting the oil-bearing rose plantations.

Keywords: oil-bearing rose; weed control; herbicide; spraying system; computer modeling; parameters

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