Innovative harvesting methods about the harvest losses for two machines

Ibrahim J. Hamzah1,2 and Salih K. Alwan Alsharifi1
1Department of Agricultural Machinery, University of Al-Furat Al- Awsat Technical, Iraq
2Department of Agricultural Machinery, University of Al-Qasim Green, 0333144128 Iraq


Hamzah, I. J. and S. K. Alwan Alsharifi (2020). Innovative harvesting methods about the harvest losses for two machines. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 26 (4), 913–918

The effect of harvest machines on wheat/Abad cultivar was observed based on some technical indicators. Two types of wheat harvesting machines (NewHolland -TC54 and Claas 68s) were tested at three speed (2.5, 3 and 4.24 Km .hr-1) and two ranges of grain moistures (11–13% and 13–15%). The experiments were carried out in a factorial experiment under randomized complete block design with three replications. The results showed that the New Holland-Tc54 machine was significantly better than Claas 68s machine. The results gained were 3.281 and 3.576% respectively, while they were 3.493 and 3.669% respectively under the same operating conditions for Claas 68s machine, for two sites by different harvesting methods, the harvest losses for cutting unit, threshing unit, cleaning unit and packing unit. The harvest speed of 2.5 km hr-1 was significantly superior to the other two levels of 3 and 4.243 Km hr-1 in all studied properties, while the wheat grains moisture content at range of 11–13% was significantly superior to other range of 13–15% in all studied conditions.

Keywords: wheat; harvesting machines; moisture content; speed; sites

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