Plant proteins in the focus of bioeconomy1

Plamena Yovchevska
Institute of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria


Yovchevska, P. (2019). Plant proteins in the focus of bioeconomy. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 25(5), 920–925

The purpose of the study is to frame the boundary and substantive links between nature-economic activity-socium, located on the platform of the current concept of bioeconomy as an element of linear and circular economy. Using the scientific method the genesis, development and prospects of the bioeconomy are traced. The example of the production of plant proteins, in particular the production of fodder peas, illustrates the importance of the natural element, the transformation of substances in nature and the importance of socium in promoting the concept of the bioeconomy. The current challenges and the preservation of parameters of human living environment in the coordinate system are: the future is development protein is the future; socium is refining the legal framework of society in order to preserve the nature’s parameters for generations to come.

Keywords: bioeconomy; proteins; fodder peas; living environment; concept; future

1The study was done with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science, within the framework of the national scientific program “Healthy foods for a strong bioeconomy and quality of life”, FP 1.3. WP. 1.3.

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