Applying iodine-containing preparations as growth promoters in Russia’s poultry farming

Eleonora Evgenievna Ostrikova, Natalia Andreevna Ostapenko, Alexander Sergeevich Chernyshkov, Natalia Vladimirovna Lenkova
Don State Agrarian University, Persianovsky Settlement, Oktyabrsky District, Rostov Region 346493, Russian Federation


Ostrikova, E., Ostapenko, N., Chernyshkov, A., & Lenkova, N. (2019). Applying iodine-containing preparations as growth promoters in Russia’s poultry farming. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 25(4), 768–781

The Rostov Region is included in the iodine deficient biogeochemical province. Our research was aimed at studying the meat productivity and resistance of BIG-6 crossbreed turkeys when growing on feed using iodine-containing preparations Iodomidol, Iodinol, bentonite clay + iodine. It was found that under the influence of the above mentioned preparations these indicators are improved and the duration of the growing period is reduced. Ash content increases and fat content decreases in turkey meat. The positive effect of preparations on the morpho-biochemical parameters of blood and the immunological status of the test bird body was revealed. The positive influence of Iodimodol on the productive qualities of birds has been experimentally proved.
Theoretical and practical significance of the research involves the expediency of introducing Iodinol into the turkey ration at a dose of 0.4 g per 1 kilogram of live weight per day with food in the form of wet mash.

Keywords: poultry farming; BIG-6; crossbreed turkey; live weight; blood indices; body resistance; iodine-containing

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