Polymorphisms of CAPN1, CAST, GDF5, TG5 and GH genes in Russian Hereford cattle

Kinispay Dzhulamanov, Nikolay Gerasimov, Marina Dubovskova, Asemgul Baktygalieva
Federal Research Centre of Biological Systems and Agro-technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 460000 Orenburg, Russia


Dzhulamanov, K., Gerasimov, N., Dubovskova, M., & Baktygalieva, A. (2019).Polymorphisms of CAPN1, CAST, GDF5, TG5 and GH genes in Russian Hereford cattle. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 25(2), 375–379

The allelic and genetic polymorphisms of genes of calpain 1 (CAPN1), calpastatin (CAST), growth differentiation factor 5 (GDF5), thyroglobulin 5 (TG5) and growth hormone (GH) was examined in Russian population of Hereford cattle. The studies were carried out on purebred Hereford animals (sires, cows, bull-calves, heifers) from Chelyabinsk Region and Stavropol Territory, Russia. Maximum frequency of the genotype GG was observed at the locus of CAPN1 gene, amounting to 0.632. The study of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in CAST gene showed a high prevalence of animals with CC genotype – 0.700. The genetic variability in GDF5 gene locus indicates the predominance of animals with AA genotype in studied population. The allelic polymorphism in thyroglobulin gene (TG5) is characterized by a high concentration of the CC (0.741) homozygous genotypes. The homozygotes concentration in growth hormone gene (GH) is in the range of 0.202-0.494, with the maximum value in LL variant and minimal in VV genotype. The maximum heterozygosity, which varied between 0.289-0.303, was observed for CAPN1 and GH genes across genetic markers studied in Hereford population. Minimum effective number of alleles (1.120) was established in GDF5 gene. A relatively high effective number of alleles was fixed in GH gene (1.843). The lowest genetic diversity was observed in Russian population. These results can be used to improve the breeding and selection work with Hereford cattle.

Keywords: alleles; genetic diversity; genotype; Hereford cattle; Russian population

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