The Molecular Composition of Dissolved Free Amino Acids in Rainwater

1 The Hashemite University, Biological Sciences and Biotechnology Department, Al Zarka, P O Box 330127, Jordan
2 Zarqa University College, Al-Balqa’ Applied University, Department of Allied Medical Sciences, P.O. Box 132222 Zarqa, Jordan
3 Al-Hussein bin Talal University, Department of Biological sciences, P.O. Box 20 Ma’an Maan, Jordan


Wedyan, M., E. Qnais, Y. Ismail and A.R. Al Tawaha, 2017. The molecular composition of dissolved free amino acids in rainwater. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (6): 1004–1010

Atmospheric wet deposition is now well recognized as a main source of both inorganic and organic nitrogen for both marine and terrestrial environment. Until now more than 80% of dissolved organic nitrogen fraction of rainwater has remain uncharacterized. In this present study the free dissolved amino acids were determined in the urban samples using amino acids analyzer. Rainwater samples were collected from Irbid and the Hashemite University (HU) campus during winter 2015-2016. Dissolved free amino acids were determined in each samples. The concentrations of TFAA for whole Irbid and HU samples were 0.078 ± 0.0083 and 0.080 ± 0.0065 respectively,  these concentrations are significantly similar to those previously described data for marine and terrestrial rainwater and aerosol samples collected from different remote areas. The results furthermore revealed that the highest proportion were phenylalanine and isoleucine in both sample sites. The results also demonstrate that the biological processes (transformation and degradation) play an important role in alteration of proteinaceous materials. As we know and back to the literature indicate to say that the description of dissolved free amino acids percentages in the rainfall and the proportion of contribution to the dissolved organic nitrogen is quiet generally uncharacterized. To our knowledge this is the first study carry on the identification of FAA in rainwater over Jordan.

Key words: dissolved amino acids; rainwater; amino acid analyzer; Jordan

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