Hybridological Analysis of Inheritance the Content of Nicotine and Sugars in Burley and Virginia Tobacco Crosses

Agricultural Academy, Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute (TTPI), BG-4108 Markovo, Bulgaria


Dyulgerski, Y. and M. Docheva, 2017. Hybridological analysis of inheritance the content of nicotine and sugars in Burley and Virginia tobacco crosses. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (6): 968–971

Manifestations of heterosis and transgression, inheritance, heritability, the number of genes involved in the formation of essential components of chemical composition of crosses Virginia and Burley large leaf tobaccos are studied. For that purpose are studied, the Р1, Р2, F1 and F2 populations of six crosses Burley and Virginia large leaf tobaccos. The results obtained suggest that inheritance of the nicotine content in Burley tobacco is svrahdominatno, incompletely dominant and additive, dominance, and in Virginia tobacco overdominatly and incompletely dominantly. Inheritance of the content of sugars in tobacco Burley and Virginia is overdominatly or incompletely dominantly. The number of genes determining the expression of the nicotine content in tobacco Virginia is lower than in Burley tobacco, and in the case of the sugars is opposite. The results obtained indicate that the use of heterosis in large leaf tobaccos to increase the nicotine content is an exploded, especially in Burley tobacco. The same applies to lower the content of soluble sugars. In Burley tobacco are established averages of the coefficient of heritability for the content of nicotine and negligible values of the heritability for the content of soluble sugars. For Virginia tobacco there are high values of coefficient of heritability in nicotine and middle ones on the content of sugars On the content of nicotine and sugars in Burley tobacco and for sugars in Virginia tobacco the selection of desirable trait can begin in later hybrid generations, but in terms of nicotine content in tobacco Virginia in the early hybrid generations.

Key words: Burley tobacco; Virginia tobacco; inheritance; inheritability; nicotine; sugars

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