Biometrical Indicators of Fresh Fruits of Bulgarian and Introduced Plum Cultivars of Prunus domestica L.

Agricultural Academy,Research Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and Agriculture – Troyan, 5370 Branch – Dryanovo


Dimkova, S., D. Ivanova, S. Todorova and N. Marinova, 2017. Biometrical indicators of fresh fruits of Bulgarian and introduced plum cultivars of Prunus domestica L. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (6): 947–950

The study was conducted in the period of 2014 – 2015 in the collection plantation at the Experimental Station of Dryanovo, Bulgaria. The object of study was fresh fruits of Bulgarian plum cultivars – ‘Gabrovska’, ‘Gulyaeva’, ‘Strinava’, ‘Balvanska slava’ and the introduced cultivars – ‘Opal’, ‘Ontario’, ‘Hramova renkloda’, ‘Althan’s Gage’, ‘Čačanska lepotica’. ‘Stanley’ was used as a standart cultivar. The following indicators were observed: fruit weight (g), stone weight (g), stone percentage in relation to fruit weight; fruit size – fruit lenght, fruit width and fruit thickness (mm); arithmetic mean diameter (mm); geometric mean diameter (mm); surface area (cm2); dry matter content (%). ‘Balvanska slava’ had the highest fruit weight – 37.24 g and ‘Opal‘ had the lowest – 20.54 g ‘Opal’ had the lowest percentage of fruit stone in relation to fruit weight – 2.82%, and the highest value was for ‚Stanley‘ cultivar – 4.91%. Fruit height was from 33.26 mm for ‘Opal’ to 47.80 mm for ‘Balvanska slava‘. The largest width was found in ‘Althan’s Gage’ fruits – 41.02 mm, and the smallest width for ‘Opal’ – 30.40 mm. The fruit thickness was the largest again for ‘Althan’s Gage’ – 40.80 mm and the smallest thickness was for ‘Opal’ – 30.46 mm. It was found that dry matter content was the highest for ‚Gulyaeva‘ cultivar – 21.94%, followed by ‘Strinava‘ cultivar’ – 21.40%. The results show that the Bulgarian cultivars have very good fruitcharacteristics indicators, which are close to the popular introduced plum cultivars.

Key words: Prunus domestica L.; fruit size; fruit weight; stone weight

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