Impacts of Credits on Agricultural Mechanization and Development in Urmia County

Department of Agricultural Management, College of Agriculture, Mahabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, 59135-433 Mahabad, Iran


Marandi, L. T. and L. Rashidpour, 2017. Impacts of credits on agricultural mechanization and development in Urmia County. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (6): 922–928

The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of Agricultural Bank credit on mechanization promotion in the agricultural sector in Urmia County, West Azerbaijan province of Iran. This is a cross-survey research and it is applicable in purpose. The statistical community of this study includes farmers working on agricultural farms of Urmia County. Agricultural Bank has provided facilities for 416 people for agricultural purposes. The volume of sample, by referring to the Cochran-Formula which is used as criteria, 200 people were chosen. In this study, a random sampling method was used. For assembling data, a 30-item questionnaire was developed by the researcher based on a set of Likert’s 5-choice, which at the end Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.872. In analyzing the data, descriptive and inferential statistical methods and variable t-test were used to test hypotheses. The results of this study show that the Agricultural Bank’s credits have a positive impact on all aspects of agricultural mechanization such as structural modernization of irrigation, decreasing cost, and improving a quality of land, tools and rural economy. Our results are useful for the policy makers and other stakeholders to consider facilities role on agricultural mechanization and development.

Key words: impact; credits; agriculture; mechanization; development; Urmia

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