Opportunities for Expanding the Application of Environmental Management and Audit Scheme in Bulgaria

University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Economy of Natural Resources Department, BG-1700 Sofia, Bulgaria


Miteva, A., 2017. Opportunities for expanding the application of environmental management and audit scheme in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (6): 915–921

The purpose of the report is to review the application of the Environmental Management and Audit Scheme /EMAS/ in Bulgaria and to assess the attitude of Bulgarian business for its implementation and on this basis to propose opportunities for extension of its application. The tasks related to the achievement of the goal are: 1) Review of the implementation of the Environmental Management and Audit Scheme in our country 2) Assessment of attitudes of representatives of Bulgarian companies from EMAS application. 3) On the basis of the summarized and analyzed information to propose general conclusions about the possibilities for its development in our country. Can be drawn conclusions that there are opportunities for wider dissemination of EMAS in Bulgaria, which can be enhanced by a more active state policy in this field by providing tax and institutional relieves to companies that have implemented these standards; by strengthening institutional support through establishing centers which provide competent and professional advice to businesses on the various opportunities to improve its environmental performance; by conducting information campaigns aimed at consumers and producers through which they are informed about the different environmental instruments, the benefits of their application and their importance for environmental protection.

Key words: environmental; management; system; audit scheme 

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