Simulation Modeling of Oleaginous Rose Harvesting Implement

Agricultural Academy, N. Pushkarov Institute of Soil, Science Agrotechnologies and Plant Protection, BG – 1331 Sofia, Bulgaria


Bozhkov, S., S. Stanchev and T. Gyorina, 2017. Simulation modeling of oleaginous rose harvesting implement. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (5): 873–881

The only one non-mechanized operation in the cultivation of oleaginous rose is picking of the rose blossoms.
In the publication are presented the results of a study on creation of a farm implement for mechanizing the oleaginous rose harvesting. By simulation modeling are determined the types of materials and profiles for the elaboration of basic elements of the newly developed structure. Is assessed the impact on the structural strength, which exert the occupied positions of pickers on the platforms (standing or sitting), the number of rose-pickers on the implement and the approved by BDS and ISO-standards schemes for connecting the implements to the agricultural middle power tractors. It is studied a constructive variant in which the farm implement is without running wheels.
The results of computer modeling are basis for manufacture of experimental model of three-modular rose harvesting implement for checking the structural strength, functional suitability and safety at work with it in real conditions.

Key words: oleaginous rose; harvesting; mechanization; farm implement; simulation modeling; structural strength; factor of safety

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