Adaptability of Chickpea Collection Samples in the Southern Forest-Steppe of Western Siberia

Omsk State Agrarian University named after P.A. Stolypin, Omsk-8, 644008, Russia


Kazydub, N., S. Kuzmina and E. Chernenko, 2017. Adaptability of chickpea collection samples in the southern forest-steppe of Western Siberia. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (5): 743–749

The recognized chickpea varieties do not fully meet the requirements of modern agriculture. This necessitates creation of new highly adapted chickpea varieties of an intensive type, suitable for cultivation both in the regions of traditional chickpea cultivation and in promising, non-traditional areas. This paper contains a comparative assessment of chickpea collection samples in terms of their economically useful characteristics, as well as the ecological plasticity evaluation of 13 chickpea samples developed under the conditions of southern forest-steppe of Western Siberia; the evaluation was done on the basis of the plant grain productivity. The study has revealed the chickpea varieties that can become sources of certain economically valuable characteristics: Line C-82, C4-Deemin, C7-Alexandrite, C14-Alexandrite, C17-C11– reduction of the growing season; ILC-10005, Volgogradsky 10, C4-Deemin – reduction of the plant height; C1-Alexandrite, Volgogradsky 10, C2-Krasnokutsky 123 – increase in the number of seeds per plant; C2-Krasnokutsky 123, C-243, ILC-482, C13-Deemin – increase in the weight of seeds per plant. The obtained data show that in the forest-steppe of Western Siberia, weather conditions had the greatest impact on the productivity of chickpea plants (their impact share reaches 92.1%). The calculation of ecological plasticity parameters revealed samples characterized by high ecological plasticity and responsiveness to growing conditions: C-82, C3-5, C1-Alexandrite, C5-Krasnokutsky 123, C15-Volgogradsky 10, C4-Deemin, as well as samples characterized by high yielding stability: C-18, C-80, Krasnokutsky 123, C3-Alexandrite, C6-Alexandrite, C16-Krasnokutsky 123, C11-Yubileiny.

Key words: chickpeas; adaptability; ecological flexibility; productivity; sample

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