The Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on the Agritourism Growth in Italy

Associazione Studi Geografico-Economici delle Aree Rurali (ASGEAR), 02100 Rieti, Italy


Galluzzo, N., 2017. The impact of the common agricultural policy on the agritourism growth in Italy.Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 24 (5): 698–703

Since the early 1970s, the diversification of farm’s activities such as agritourism has represented a new typology of farm’s use and socio-economic enhancement in rural Italian areas. The agricultural enterprise was able both to diversify the productive activity of Italian farms and also to improve the farmers’ income, which has protected the agrarian landscape and the countryside against downsides such as the rural emigration and socio-economic marginalization. The purpose of this research was to assess by a multiple regression model the role of funds allocated by the European Union in promoting rural development throughout the agritourism in Italian countryside. The main findings have pointed out a direct correlation between the development of agritourism and financial subsidies allocated by the second pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy strengthening the pivotal role of financial subsidies disbursed by the EU in protecting the rural space.

Key words: panel data; rural development; second pillar; farm accountancy data network; multiple regression model

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