The Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza and Organic Manure on Soybean Growth and Nutrient Content in Indonesia

1 Sabelas Maret University, Faculty of Agriculture, Study Program of Agrotechnology, 57126 Surakarta, Indonesia
2 Sabelas Maret University, Faculty of Agriculture, Study Program of Soil Science, 57126 Surakarta, Indonesia
3 Sabelas Maret University, Graduate Program of Agronomy, 57126 Surakarta, Indonesia


Samanhudi, S., A. Yunus, B. Pujiasmanto, V. R. Cahyani and D. S. Lestariana, 2017. The effect of arbuscular mycorrhiza and organic manure on soybean growth and nutrient content in Indonesia. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (4): 596–603

Soybean productivity can be increased by optimalizing marginal land (vertisols) to enlarge harvesting area. Application of biological fertilizer (Rhizobium and mycorrhizal inoculant) and organic fertilizer/manure (cow/goat/quail manure, and straw compost) are efforts to minimize external input to increase the use of marginal land to get high productivity. Application of organic manure that is enriched by straw compost and biological fertilizer (arbuscular mycorrhiza inoculation) could affect soybean growth and nutrient content on vertisols. Field experiment was done with two levels of mycorrhizal inoculation (without inoculation+10 g mycorrhizal inoculation per plant) and five levels of manure+straw compost (without manure; 10 t Ha-1 cow manure+5 t Ha-1 straw compost; 10 t Ha-1 cow manure+5 t Ha-1 straw compost; 10 t Ha-1 quail manure+5 t Ha-1 straw compost; 5 t Ha-1 straw compost). Application of mycorrhizal inoculation and manure treatment signifi cantly affected on dry mass parameter, while the trends on root length, chlorophyll content, seed wet weight, protein content, total nodules, mycorrhizal-root colonization, nitrogen uptake and phosphorus uptake were higher when soybean inoculated with mycorrhizal+ manure+straw compost. We concluded that mycorrhizal inoculation incorporated manure enriched straw compost can be applied on soybean low input farming systems to support Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture Programme/LEISA.

Key words: soybean; arbuscular mycorrhiza; organic manure; vertisols
Abbreviations: AM – Arbuscular Mycorrhizal, SOC – Soil Organic Carbon, PGPR – Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria

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