Management of Inter-Farm Use of Agricultural Machinery Based of the Logistical System BOA

1 Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economic University, Department of Management and Law, Dnipro, 49600 Ukraine
2 Dnipropetrovsk National University “O. Honchar”, Department of Economy and Management of Enterprise, Dnipro, 49600 Ukraine


Velychko, O. and L. Velychko, 2017. Management of inter-farm use of agricultural machinery based of the logistical system “BOA”. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (4): 534–543

Features of logistical approach to formation of management process system of intreconomic application of machinery in agriculture have been considered in the article. Peculiarities and ways of organizing and completing individual orders from farmers based on the logistical concept “BOA” have been defi ned. The research has been carried out on the methodological base which had the author’s development. A marginal type of changes in costs on repairs and technical maintenance in a longterm period has been grounded. A formula has been suggested for more precise planning of costs on repairs and technical maintenance in agriculture. A complex methodical approach to organization of inter-farm use of machinery has been developed focusing on stages of implementing the logistical system “BOA”. A logistical model for optimal completion of farmers’ orders has been created, considering volumes of equipment load. The developed approach has been approved while forming the project of intereconomic use of machinery from six small farms. The limitations for economic benefi ts from the joint machinery exploitation have been set. The optimal fleet of machinery-tractor equipment and schemes of their application in farming enterprises have been formed based on the logistical concept “BOA”.

Key words: agricultural equipment; concept “BOA”; economic benefi ts; inter-farm; logistics
JEL Classifi cation: C61, D70, M11, Q12

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