Agrarian Sustainability in Bulgaria – Economic, Social and Ecological Aspects

Agricultural Academy, Institute of Agricultural Economics, BG-1113-Sofi a, Bulgaria


Bachev, H., B. Ivanov, D. Toteva and E. Sokolova, 2017. Agrarian sustainability in Bulgaria – economic, social and ecological aspects. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (4): 519–525

The sustainable development has become a major topic not only for the economic science but in the economic policy development. There is a substantial literature dedicated to analyzing the different aspects of sustainability – economic, social and/or ecological. Agriculture has been recognized as one of the economic fi elds that has multidimensional impact not only on the incomes and well-being of the employed, but also on the rural population as a whole and the environment. This article presents a holistic approach for assessing agrarian sustainability in Bulgaria based on its economic, social and ecological aspects on sectoral macro-level. It is based on offi cial statistical and other information as well as on expert evaluation. Our study has found that the Bulgarian agriculture on macro-level has good sustainability. Some of the sustainability aspects have higher levels (e.g. the economic aspect) while others (social and environmental) are inferior. Study results could help in focusing the political efforts, so that the agrarian sustainability, in its social and ecological aspect, could be increased. However a further research is needed to evaluate the level of sustainability at micro-level, so that the major issues and problem areas are addressed accordingly.

Key words: agrarian sustainability; sustainability indicators; economic; social; ecological aspects; Bulgarian agriculture

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