New Solution – Refrigerators for Fruits and Vegetables That Use Solar Energy to Achieve Positive Temperatures

Civil Engineering Higher School „Liyuben Karavelov“, BG-1373 Sofi a, Bulgaria


Aleksandrov, Y., 2017. New solution – refrigerators for fruits and vegetables that use solar energy to achieve positive temperatures. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (3): 498–504

Here are reviewed new solutions for fruits and vegetables that use solar energy in order to achieve positive temperatures. Furthermore, the main aspects of the basic requirements for their implementation are taken into consideration. Three typical solutions with inventive step of the author are reviewed. These are:

In extreme situations, the refrigerators for fruits and vegetables which operated under positive temperatures can be used for various other purposes, e.g. medical purposes – as premises for the situation of operating rooms. The transparent elements will allow the penetration of natural light, whereas water collectors will provide hot water for medical purposes. The application of tension membranes and tensegrity structures as a way of executing protective screens on refrigerators for fruits and vegetables under other harmful external conditions – acid rain, falling volcanic ash, formations of smog and others is also described.

Key words: refrigerators; fruits; vegetables; solar energy; patents

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