Improvement of Texture Profile Attributes of Cooked Sausage Type “Krenvirsh”

1 University of Food Technologies, Department of Meat and Fish Technology, Technological Faculty, BG-4002Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2 Food Research and Development Institute BG-4002 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Chorbadzhiev, P., G. Zsivanovits, D. Gradinarska, K. Danov and K. Valkova-Jorgova, 2017. Improvement of texture profi le attributes of cooked sausage type “krenvirsh”. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (2): 338–347

Aim of this work is determining the textural and microbiological properties of cooked sausage samples type “krenvirsh” and studying the infl uence of different collagen preparations addition on their quality attributes. The studies were conducted with experimental samples, during the production process of which two collagen preparations were added: CPS-C – commercial one, and CPS-U – laboratory produced from pork skins by mechanical treatment, both in concentrations of 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00, compared to raw meat. Control samples, without addition of collagen preparations, were also produced. Experimental data shows growing preparations infl uence on investigated sausage characteristics by increasing quantity of their addition. Lower concentrations lead to improved texture characteristics, as such advantage is demonstrated when CPS-U was used, due to its moderate infl uence on sausages. Addition of CPS-U in quantity of 15.00 has a benefi cial effect, resulting in formation of typical for the high quality products denser structure by slight increase of hardness and springiness, together with releasing of chewiness values, similar to those of the control samples. Quantities of 25.00 and 35.00 induce significant changes in product texture profi le, which is clearly expressed in values obtained for hardness and chewiness. Microbiological analysis of control and experimental samples indicates slight differences between themselves.

Key words: cooked sausages, various collagen preparations, texture modifi cation

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