Comparative Study on the Possibilities of Incorporating Olive Oil and Natural Fennel Extract in Fermented Milks

University of Food Technologies, BG-4002 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Ivanova, M., G. Kostov, T. Balabanova, R. Vlaseva, G. Uzunova and M. Poirieux, 2017. Comparative study on the possibilities of incorporating olive oil and natural fennel extract in fermented milks. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (2): 319–324

It is well-known that olive oil consumption is associated with a number of health benefi ts to humans due to its fatty acid composition. Because of these characteristics, olive oil can be suitably included in dairy products in order to improve their fatty acid composition. The present study investigated the possibilities of incorporating olive oil in the manufacture of fermented milk with a set coagulum, directly in the form of an emulsion or encapsulated (with and without the addition of an antioxidant). A signifi cantly higher content (p < 0.05) of unsaturated fatty acids and a lower peroxide value of extracted fat was established in the samples supplemented with 2 g.10–2g–1 encapsulated oil and an antioxidant in an amount of 0.03 cm3.10–1dm–3. The sensory profi le of the fermented milks containing encapsulated olive oil was better in comparison with the fermented milks with directly added olive oil. At the end of the shelf-life, the chemical indicators active and titratable acidity, and the microbiological characteristics – lactobacilli and streptococci counts – remained comparable to those of the control.

Key words: functional dairy products; yoghurt; unsaturated fatty acids; olive oil; encapsulation

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