Vascular-Platelet Interaction in Pregnant Cows

Kursk Institute of Social Education (branch), Russian State Social University, 305035, Kursk, Russia


Medvedev, I. N., 2017. Vascular-platelet interaction in pregnant cows. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (2): 310–314

Balance of components’ activity of thrombocyte-vessel hemostasis is the basis of the whole hemostasis process functioning in conditions of ‘in vivo’ and, thus, optimum of fl uidic blood features and adequacy of blood supply of all the tissues of an animal during whole its life. The aim is – to find out physiological peculiarities of thrombocyte-vessel hemostasis of healthy cows during the normal process of pregnancy. The investigation was fulfi lled with the help of 47 healthy cows of black-variegated breed which were examined and investigated 7 times during pregnancy: on the day of insemination, on the 45th, 90th, 135th, 180th, 230th and 280th day of pregnancy. The received results of state evaluation of thrombocyte-vessel hemostasis of cows after successful insemination testify to the existence of physiological regularity in the dynamics of its separate components’ activity. It was found that during pregnancy the cows were noted to have weakening of thrombocyte hemostasis component’s activity and strengthening of vessel hemostasis component. It provides them with necessary hemostatic and fl uidic blood features, thus promoting the formation of optimal conditions for placenta blood supply and anabolism in fetus’ tissues.

Key words: cows, pregnancy, thrombocytes, vessel wall, hemostasis

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