Influence of WPC 80 Addition on Colour, Droplet Size and Storage Stability of W/O Emulsions

1 University of Agriculture in Krakow, Department of Fruit, Vegetable and Mushroom Processing, 30-149 Krakow, Poland
2 University of Agriculture in Krakow, Department of Animal Product Technology, 30-149 Krakow, Poland


TABASZEWSKA, M. and D. NAJGEBAUER-LEJKO, 2016. Infl uence of WPC 80 addition on colour, droplet size and storage stability of W/O emulsions. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22: 1021–1026

Whey proteins are characterized with ability to form and stabilize foams and emulsions. The size and distribution of the dispersed droplets signifi cantly affect the stability and colour refl ectance ability (colour parameters) of the emulsion. The W/O (water-in-oil) emulsions with different concentrations of WPC 80 (whey protein concentrate with 80% protein), i.e., 0; 1.5; 5; 10; 15% were produced and analysed. The emulsions differed regarding colour parameters, the preparations with higher protein supplementations were darker, more red and yellow and their colour was more saturated. The size of the dispersed phase droplets was not affected up to 10% WPC 80 additive, whereas at higher protein concentrations they were signifi cantly larger. No signifi cant changes of the droplet size in the dispersed phase and of the quality of added whey proteins were observed throughout the experiment duration.

Key words: whey protein concentrate, emulsions, SDS-PAGE, droplet size

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