The Effect of Three Training Systems on the Vegetative and Reproductive Habits of the Apple Cultivar ‘Braeburn’ Grafted on M9 Rootstock

1 Agricultural Academy, Fruit-Growing Institute, BG-4004, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2 University of Forestry, BG-1756, Sofi a, Bulgaria


GANDEV, S., I. NANEV, P. R SAVOV, E. ISUF, G. KORNOV and D. SERBEZOVA, 2016. The effect of three training systems on the vegetative and reproductive habits of the apple cultivar ‘Braeburn’ grafted on M9 rootstock. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22: 600–603

There is not a uniform accepted view in the world on the choice of a universal apple tree training system, because the vegetative and reproductive habits of the separate cultivars depend on the soil and climatic conditions of the countries where they are grown. The aim of the experiment was to study the effect of the training systems Slender spindle, Solen and Vertical axis on the growth and fruiting habits of the apple cultivar ‘Braeburn’ grafted on M9 rootstock and grown under the conditions in Bulgaria. The experimental plantation was established on the territory of the Fruit-Growing Institute in Plovdiv with geographical coordinates of 42°9′ N latitude, 24°45′ E longitude and 160 meters altitude. The study was carried out during the period 2013–2015, i.e. third-fi fth vegetation of the trees, covering the fi rst three fruiting seasons. The results obtained show that the largest average and cumulative yields per ha were harvested when Vertical Axis training system was used, which was due to the better reproductive habits of the trees in that variant and the larger number of trees per ha. Under the conditions of ourcountry, tree training to Vertical Axis system is recommended for ‘Braeburn’ apple cultivar grafted on М9 rootstocks.

Key words: training system, Slender spindle, Solen, Vertical axis

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