Spatial and Temporal Changes of Soil Organic Carbon after Improper Application of Farmyard Manure – on Farm Study

1 Forest University, Agronomy Faculty, BG-Sofi a 1756, Bulgaria
2 Agricultural Academy, Institute of Soil Science, Agrotechnologies and Plant Protection “Nikola Poushkarov”,BG-1331, Sofi a, Bulgaria


KOUTEV, V. and M. NENOV, 2016. Spatial and temporal changes of soil organic carbon after improper application of farmyard manure – on farm study. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22: 397–400

Study of spatial and temporal variation of soil organic carbon depending on it distribution on fi eld and in soil profi le by drip irrigation on sandy soil. A network of sampling points was created using GPS equipment. Subsequent processing of obtained results using geostatistical methods was effectuated. Kriging maps with the distribution of organic carbon content were created. Immediately after manure application, in the abundantly fertilized part of the field, organic carbon content decreased down soil profi le as follows 2.12%, 0.55% and 0.42% every 30 centimeters. Two years after a signifi cant movement down soil profi le of soil organic carbon was observed – 1.69%, 1.55% and 1.47% respectively. In a poorly fertilized part of the fi eld organic carbon content did not changed.

Key words: Farmyard manure, quality of manure application, spatial variability, organic matter, soil profi le, drip irrigation

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