Development and Characterization of Interspecific Hybrids from Hulled x Naked Triticum Crosses in Stressed Environment

1 Technical University – Varna, BG-9010 Varna, Bulgaria
2 Agricultural Academy, Dobroudja Agricultural Institute, BG-9520 General Toshevo, Bulgaria
3 Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen, BG-9712 Shumen, College – Dobrich, Bulgaria


DASKALOVA, N., S. DONEVA and P. SPETSOV, 2016. Development and characterization of interspecific hybrids from hulled x naked Triticum crosses in stressed environment. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22: 262–266

This study is an attempt to produce hybrid plants from cross-combinations involving different Triticum species and hybrid forms under stressed conditions in polycarbonate greenhouse (temperature below 0°C in winter and high temperatures during pollination, fertilization and grain ripening). Materials included seven cross-combinations with participation of Т. monococcum (three accessions), Т. sinskajae (two), Т. dicoccum (two) and three hybrid forms in which pedigree Т. boeoticum was involved. From the 174 hybrid seeds obtained (averaged seed set of 42.2%), 86 (49.4%) germinated and 45 (25.9%) plants matured. Three crosses with different females and Т. sinskajae acc.18397 and 18401 as males produced largest number of hybrids. All F1 plants were fully sterile except the cross T. monococcum acc.45126 x T. sinskajae acc.18401. Two other crosses (Т. dicoccum acc.45398 х ТS18397 and 198-2F3 х ТS18397) yielded 17 seeds from plants treated with colchicine solution. Plants from the former cross were damaged by frost in December-January in tillering stage while those from the latter cross survived being younger, in 2–3 leaf phase. Two families were designated as amphiploids No.45-2 and 45-4 in C1 generation, one of which born more seeds than the parental forms.

Key words: T. monococcum, T. sinskajae, T. dicoccum, amphiploid, seedset, stressed environment
Abbreviations: TS – Triticum sinskajae; A – amphiploid; TC – F1 plants treated with colchicine solution

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