Ampelographic Evaluation of Population and Clones of Misket Vrachanski Variety

1 Viticulture and Wine Producing Institute, BG-5800 Pleven
2 Agricultural University, BG-4000, Plovdiv


SIMEONOV, I., T. MOKREVA and V. ROYCHEV, 2016. Ampelographic evaluation of population and clones of Misket vrachanski variety. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22: 234–244

A comparative ampelographic evaluation of population and clones of Misket vrachanski variety through a model built of two statistical methods – factor and regression analysis is accomplished. The method of research gave analytical possibility to reduce the number of the indicators, studied, grouped, correlated and non-correlated indicators in different factors, which according to the individual team goals were objective assessed. The clones 52/8 and 34/24 differ the most from the population according to the factor distribution of the phenologic indicators; all studied clones – according to their potential and real fertility; 9/5, 34/24 и 52/8 – according to the yield; 9/5 и 34/24 – according to the mechanical analysis of bunch and grape.

Key words:vine, population and clones of Misket vrachanski variety, agro-biological and technological indicators, mathematical modeling

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