The Allelofond of AEB Locus Heifers of Moldovan Black-Motley Type of Descendants of Different Bulls

Scientific and Practical Institute of Biotechnologies in Zootechnics and Veterinary Medicine,
MD-25, Maximovca village, District of Anenii-Noi, R. of Moldova

Focsha, V. and A. Konstandoglo, 2016. The allelofond of AEB locus heifers of Moldovan black-motley type of descendants of different bulls. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22 (Suppl. 1): 110–114


In the article are presented the results of a study on the changes that have occurred in the allelofond of AEB -locus heifers of the Moldovan-type of black-motley cattle, in the period from 2003 to 2013. The heifers were descendants of 11 bulls which were used in the herd TES “Maximovca” in the analyzed period of time. The largest number of alleles was detected in the descendants of bull Senior 7415 - 34. The frequency of allele G2Y2E’1Q’ is 0.2279, which is a marker for the descendants of bulls Abkhazian 835, Caras 656, Chiparush 79, Meteor 376 and Svet 732.

Key words: blood group, allele, herds, the coefficient of homozygote, frequency

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