Evaluation of Gray Rams of Moldovan Karakul Type and Factor Dynamics of Gray Lambs

1 Scientific and Practical Institute of Biotechnologies in Zootechnics and Veterinary Medicine, MD-25, Maximovca village, District of Anenii-Noi, R. of Moldova
2 Institute of Zoology ASM

Mashner, O., S. Evtodienko, P. Lyutskanov and I. Buzu, 2016. Evaluation of gray rams of moldovan Karakul type and factor dynamics of gray lambs. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22 (Suppl. 1): 76ā€“80


1384 offspring of gray Moldovan Karakul line rams part of herd of sheep of Moldovan type Astrakhan were evaluated. 82.7% of the grey rams were referred as “elite” and “first” class. On this indicator gray rams’ line (2049) significantly exceeds average for the herd (Pā‰¤0.05). Percentage ratio of the obtained gray Karakul lambs of the total number of lambs for three years was 32%. Newborn lambs during the evaluation period were characterized by high live weight and large body length; jacket, ribbed and flat fur types prevail; flat curl type is the most represented ā€“ 39.2%. The majority of gray lambs have medium (41.8%) and large (42.3%) curl with high silkiness and hair luster.

Key words: Moldovan Karakul sheep type, gray color, marking, fur type, live weight, body length, silkiness and hair luster

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