Ecological Method for Pest Management at Early Stages of Forage Pea and Vetch Development

Institute of Forage Crops, Department of “Technology and ecology of forage crops”, 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria

Nikolova, I. and N. Georgieva, 2016. Ecological method for pest management at early stages of forage pea and vetch development. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22 (Suppl. 1): 53–58


Development of contemporary agriculture is related with obtaining of profitable yields of good quality by application of ecologically friendly plant protection. The pre-sowing seed treatment with insecticides is considered an efficient and ecological method for plant protection against insect pests, as well as for conservation of beneficial insects. In the IFC, Pleven, a field trial was carried out with insecticidal products by pre-sowing treatment of seeds of forage pea and vetch for insect pest control at the stage of emergence and stem formation. Furadan 35 ST (carbofuran) at the dose of 2.5 l and Gaucho FS 600 (imidacloprid) – 1 l, tested alone and in combination with the growth stimulant Atonic at the dose of 0.1%, were used for treatment of 100 kg seeds. The insecticides had a good protective effect against adult weevils of Sitona genus. The insecticides provided a high protective effect against Sitona species as their combination with Atonic increased their efficiency. In addition, the products influenced positively the nodulation and nodule protection, which resulted in better conditions for growth, development and high productivity.

Kew words: Gaucho FS 600, Furadan 35 ST, Sitona sp., nodulation, productivity

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