Evaluation of Grain Filling Rate and Path Analysis in Different Combinations of Nitrogen and Zinc in Maize

1 Agriculture Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran, Karaj, P.O. Box: 31535-1897, Iran
2 Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, College of Agriculture, Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding, Kerman- P.O.BOX.76164-133, Iran


SHAFEA, L. and M. SAFFARI, 2016. Evaluation of grain filling rate and path analysis in different combinations of nitrogen and zinc in maize. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22: 60–64

This research was conducted to evaluate maize grain yield by path analysis and its grain filling rate in different combinations of nitrogen and zinc at field conditions. Three maize cultivars were grown at factorial split-plot (FFSP) design with 3 replications based on RCBD (Randomized Complete Block Design). Three levels of nitrogen, including 120, 260, 400 kg/ha and three levels of Zinc, 0, 15 and 30 kg/ha were applied. Results showed that, hybrid 540 have the better grain filling rate to compare with 704. Grain filling rate at 120 kg/ha urea and 15 kg/ha zinc Sulphate, resulted to the highest grain filling rate (3.19 g/m2 per day). Path analysis showed row number have the most direct effects on grain yield in N3Z1 fertilizer combination then thousand kernel weights had the most direct effects on grain yield (0.96) in N1Z2 fertilizer combination. According to the results, proper combination of nitrogen and zinc can increase grain yield in maize.

Key words: grain filling rate, maize, nitrogen, path analysis, zinc

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