Landscape Investigation in the Forest Area of „Central Balkan” National Park

University of Forestry, BG - 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria


KARATOTEVA, D. I., 2016. Landscape investigation in the forest area of „Central Balkan” National Park. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 22: 26–29

The “Central Balkan” National Park occupies an area of 72021.07 ha. In order to study the presence of naturally occurring potential risk factors in the park – soil enrichment with heavy metals, its forest territory has been divided into relatively homogenous and comparable landscape units. A classification system has been selected where the soil-forming rocks have been adopted as the leading component, which chemical composition, according to some studies, represents a potential risk factor. At the next taxonomic levels the landscape units have been divided according to the terrain characteristics – altitude, slope and exposure. 69 territorially divided relatively homogenous and comparable landscape units have been obtained, which makes them applicable for the purposes of scientific research in the vast park territory.

Key words: landscape structure, forest, heavy metal, parent material
Abbreviations: national park (NP), forest management plan (FMP)

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