The Effect of Benzyladenine and Gibberellic Acid on the Growth and Flowering of Helleborus orientalis Lam.

Poznan University of Life Sciences, Department of Ornamental Plants, 60-594 Poznan, Poland


HENSCHKE, M., P. K. CZUCHAJ and S. J. SZCZEPANIAK, 2015. The effect of benzyladenine and gibberellic acid on the growth and flowering of Helleborus orientalis Lam. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 1198–1203

The aim of the study was to treat Helleborus orientalis ‘Red Hybrids’ with benzyladenine and gibberellic acid in foliar and soil applications in order to obtain intensively growing and flowering plants. Vegetative growth and flowering of plants was observed over the period of three years. The type of growth regulator had a significant effect on plant height and the number of leaves starting from the second year of growing. Plants produced with a BA + GA3 solution were shorter and had a larger number of leaves than those treated with a BA solution. The manner of growth regulator application had a significant effect primarily on the number of leaves, which was higher in the case of soil application of growth regulator solutions in comparison to foliar applications.

Key words: Helleborus orientalis, growth regulators, application, number of vegetative shoots, number of flowering shoots

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