Behaviour of the Sour-Sweet Cherry Hybrid 20-192 after Treatment with Soil Herbicides Under in vitro Conditions

Fruit-Growing Institute, 4004 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


RANKOVA, Z., L. NACHEVA, A. ZHIVONDOV and P. GERCHEVA, 2015. Behaviour of the sour-sweet cherry hybrid 20-192 after treatment with soil herbicides under in vitro conditions. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 1194–1197

The experiment was carried out at the Laboratory of Biotechnology within the Fruit-Growing Institute – Plovdiv with in vitro propagated and rooted plants of the newly bred rootstock for sweet and sour cherry 20-192. The interspecific hybrid No. 20-192 (Prunus cerasus L.× Prunus avium L.) was introduced into culture and propagated in vitro in MS nutrient medium (Murashige and Skoog, 1962) supplemented with BAP и IBA. Root-formation was established after about 20 days. Treatment with herbicides was carried out under in vitro conditions 35 days after culturing in the rooting medium when the rootlets reached a length of about 2 cm. The effect of the soil herbicides napropamid (Devrinol 4F), pendimethalin (Stomp 33 EC) and oxyfluorfen + metolachlor (Metofen), each of them applied at three different doses, was studied with the aim of developing a system of rapid preliminary screening. The results obtained showed that after treatment with the soil herbicides napropamid and pendimethalin under in vitro conditions, visual symptoms of phytotoxicity and growth suppression were not observed in the plants of the vegetative rootstock 20-192. Strong phytotoxicity expressed in necrosis and dying of the plants was observed after treatment with high doses of Metofen. The studied herbicides did not exert a depressing effect on stem growth at the doses used. After treatment with high doses of napropamid, plant growth suppression was established, expressed in a lower mean weight of a plant.

Key words: cherry rootstocks, soil herbicides, in vitro, phytotoxicity, growth habits
Abbreviations: BAP - 6-benzylaminopurine; IBA - indole-3-butyric acid

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