Relation between Typologies of Agritourism in Italy and Agritourists Aspirations

ASGEAR (Association of Geographical and Economic Studies in Rural Areas),02100 Rieti, Italy


GALLUZZO, N., 2015. Relation between typologies of agritourism in Italy and agritourists aspirations. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 1162–1171

The agritourism is a good chance for farmers to implement their source of income and to solve socio-economic rural marginalization in Italian countryside due to the out-migration. Italian tourists and many of them coming from abroad have specific needs and requirement towards the agritourism. Recently there has been a rise of several rural assets such as recreational, cultural and sports activities, connected to the rurality and to the rural space. In the same time there has been a significant increase of agritourisms in rural areas as a consequence of a growth of farms able to produce certified quality foods, which have attracted a multitude of people in Italian agritourisms.
The aim of this paper was to investigate from 2003 to 2013 the evolution of the Italian agritourisms and to detect if there was a nexus among presences in farm holidays farms and the variables growth of farms able to produce certified quality food and farms able also to offer cultural, recreational and sports activities linked to the rural space. The quantitative model has stratified the dataset in two clusters in function of the provenance of agritourists from Italy and from abroad.
Findings have pointed out some main relations between typologies of agritouristic offered services in farms and the presence in agritourism. The Italian agritourists and also foreign agritourists have been sensitive and very demanding to farms able to produce certified quality foods and to offer cultural, recreational and sport activities in agritourisms.

Key words: rural tourism, multiple regression model, rurality, certified quality food, Kohonen’s maps

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