Mastitis of Dairy Cows and Financial Losses: an Economic Meta-Analysis and Model Calculation

1 Institute of Animal Science, Přátelstv í 815, 104 00 Prague Uhříněves, Czech Republic
2 Dairy Research Institute Ltd., Ke Dvoru 12a, 160 00 Prague 6 – Vokovice, Czech Republic


KVAPILÍK, J., O. HANUŠ, L. BARTOŇ, M. V. KLIMEŠOVÁ and P. ROUBAL, 2015. Mastitis of dairy cows and financial losses: an economic meta-analysis and model calculation. Bulg. J. Agric., 21: 1092–1105

Economic losses caused by mastitis represent lower revenues and higher costs on milk production as compared with healthy cows. The aim of the study was to estimate possible value and variability of these losses by economic meta-analysis and consequent model calculation. Based on literature data and own calculations the economic loss per one case of mastitis occurrence was estimated at 9000 CzC [1 € = 25 CzC (Czech Crown)] for the conditions of the Czech Republic (CR). The lower revenues from the sale of milk (53%), higher culling of cows (herd recovery, 20%), higher costs for drugs and cow cure (14%), labour for treatment of ill cows (7%) and penalties of farmer milk price (6%) participate in these losses. The losses caused by mastitis can vary between 4000 and 18 000 CzC as a result of various factors (occurrence and intensity of disease, dairy cow milk yield, cow rearing costs, milk prices, etc.). In case of 35% sickened cows (130 thousands) from the current state of 373 thousands of dairy cows in the CR the total economic loss caused by mastitis can reach 1 170 000 000 CzC per year. The loss of 9000 CzC per cow with mastitis and 3140 CzC per dairy cow in herd is equal to revenue from sales for 950 and 330 litres of milk at the current farmer milk price 9.5 CzC per litre. Increasing the proportion of cows with mastitis by 1% in the CR would increase the economic loss by other 38 500 000 CzC. Regarding general occurrence of mammary gland inflammations of the cows and in order to reduce the high economic losses the high effective prevention and therapy of these production diseases have to be a regular part of the herd management.

Key words: cow, mastitis, milk losses, cow culling, drugs and cure costs, extra money, farmer milk price, benefit, lower milk quality penalty, economic losses
Abbreviations: AU $ – Australian dollar; CHF – Swiss franc; CA$ – Canadian dollar; CR – Czech Republic; CzC – Czech Crown; € – Euro; EU – European Union; F – fat; MFPD = milk freezing point depression; NZ$ – New Zealand dollar; P – protein; RI S – residues of inhibitory substances; SCC – somatic cell count; TCM – total count of microorganisms; US$ – US dollar

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