Interrelations of Potential and Actual Fertility with Glycogen Content in Corpus luteum graviditatis of Landrace and Large White Gilts

University of Forestry - Sofia, Faculty of Agronomy, Department of Genetics and Breeding of Crops, BG – 1756Sofia, Bulgaria


BOYCHEV, K. and Ts. NIKOLOVA, 2015. Interrelation of potential and actual fertility with glycogen content in Corpus luteum graviditatis of Landrase and Large White gilts. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 1060–1063

An analysis of the dependence between the relative content of glycogen in Corpus luteum in the course of gestation and the parameters of potential and actual fertility of gilts from the breeds Landrace and Large White was carried out. The evaluation of the correlations between the mentioned indices in the tested animals (91 Landrace and 99 Large White) was carried out on the 25th, 35th, 55th, 75th, 95th and 110th day of gestation respectively. For the characteristic of ovulation rate or potential fertility the number of Corpus luteum was used, while actual fertility was determined by the number of normally developed fetuses. A considerable increase of glycogen content in Corpus luteum is observed up to 75th day, followed by a significant decrease of the average level until the end of gestation. The coefficients of correlation between the number of fetuses and glycogen content in Corpus luteum up to the 75th day are positive, reliable and practically the same for the two experimental breeds. The total evaluations of the interrelation between potential fertility and actual fertility and of the multiple influences of the ovulation rate and glycogen content in Corpus luteum on the number of fetuses are relatively more significant in Landrace gilts. Characteristic peculiarities of the examined correlations are registered depending on the breed of the boars used for fertilization; as a very significant influence is noticed in respect to the coefficients of the analyzed multiple correlation in Large White.

Key words: glycogen in Corpus luteum, potential fertility, actual fertility, Landrace and Large White gilts

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