Correlations between Sensory Traits of Boiled Potatoes

Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute, Department of Breeding, Variety Maintenance and Introduction, BG-4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


PEVICHAROVA, G., 2015. Correlations between sensory traits of boiled potatoes. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 877–881

Boiled potatoes from twelve cultivars grown at two altitudes were evaluated for appearance, aroma, colour, texture, friability, starch taste, sweetness, sourness and overall taste. Correlation analysis was applied to estimate the significance of the sensory traits for the whole human perception. It was found that the total sensory evaluation was in correlation at the highest degree with taste (average r = 0.800), followed by texture (average r = 0.679), colour (average r = 0.617) and appearance (average r = 0.614). Their assessment during the breeding process has to be taken into account in order to create high quality potato cultivars. The lack of significant correlations between identical sensory traits of potatoes grown under field and mountain conditions is a proof for impossibility to predict sensory profile of boiled potatoes by results from only one altitude.

Key words: (Solanum tuberosum L.), panel test, sensory properties, relation, field growth, mountain growth

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