Study of Production Processes of Feed Additives using Natural Minerals and Plant By-Products

1 Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Processing and Food Industry, 050010 Almaty, Kazakhstan
2, 3 Almaty Technological University, 050012 Almaty, Kazakhstan
4 University of Food Technologies, BG - 4002 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


ALIMKULOV, Z. S., S. T. ZHIYENBAYEVA, N. B. BATYRBAYEVA and A. P. KRASTEVA, 2015. Study of production processes of feed additives using natural minerals and plant by-products. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 872–876

We suggested optimum composition of feed additives for young stock which contains the following: 12.0% grape pomace feedmeal, 10% tomato waste feedmeal, 8% dehydrated potato feedmeal, 11% wheat germ, 10% maize germ, 13% maize gluten, 23% wheat middling, 4.0% feed schungite, 6.0% feed chalk, 3.0% salt. Feed additive nutritive value: crude protein – 18.02%, crude fat – 4.52%, crude fiber – 16.06%, crude ash – 7.14%, nitrogen-free extractive substances – 45.82%, dry matter (solids) – 88.3%, total sugar – 17.2%, vitamin C content – 0.75 g/1t, carotene content – 3.15 g/1t, fodder unit per 100 kg feed – 102.6. The ratio of components in the recipes defines balancing supplement animal feed, based on the resources of the formation of byproducts and creates the condition for receiving the feed additive tech and stable form. Study the process of grinding the components of the feed additive A comparison size distribution milled mixture byproducts at one and twostage grinding method revealed that the average particle size of the milled premix was more aligned and larger after a two-stage grinding. Investigate the process of mixing the feed additive, the coefficient of variation of salt - 7.06%, crude protein - 1.39%, crude fiber – 7.37%, the quality of the mixing process is satisfactory. Natural schungite impact on granulation process of feed additives was studied. Introduction of granulation of feed additives for calves that contain 4% schungite at optimal parameters allow obtaining a quality product.

Key words: grape waste meal, tomato waste meal, dehydrated potato feedmeal, schungite feed additive, feed additive, formula

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