Physical Indicators of Indigenous and Introduced Varieties and Lines Burley Tobacco

Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute (TTPI), BG - 4108 Markovo, Bulgaria


DYULGERSKI, Y., S. KIRKOVA and T. MILANOVA, 2015. Physical indicators of indigenous and introduced varieties and lines burley tobacco. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 811–814

There were studied basic physical and technological characteristics of the ten indigenous varieties and lines and ten introduced American varieties. The results obtained on the physical performance and technological definitions of almost all researches options conform to standards of Burley tobacco. There is a significant superiority of the performance of local varieties and lines to the introduced varieties. Only in variety Banquet 102 observed results indicators satisfied for the level of quality tobaccos that variety group. Introduced varieties do not satisfy the requirements for the production of cigarettes. For this purpose, appropriate use of indigenous varieties and lines Burley tobacco. The complex according to the evaluation of the results of the test variants, they can be divided into four groups. First in quality level is Line 1354, followed by the variety Burley 1344. All indigenous lines and new variety Burley 1344, severely outmatched, as introduced varieties and local varieties Burley 1000 and Burley 1317, which is the success of the Bulgarian selection of Burley tobacco.

Key words: Burley tobacco, physical indikators, indigenous and introduced varieties

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