Evaluation of Aloe Vera Intercropping on Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Roselle

1 University of Zabol, Faculty of Agriculture, Agro Ecology, 98617-34664 Zabol, IRAN
2 University of Zabol, Institute of Agriculture, Crop Physiology, 98617-34664 Zabol, IRAN


MEHDI, D., T. N. TURAN and K. ISSA, Evaluation of Aloe Vera intercropping on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Roselle. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 779–783

This study was designed to investigate the effect of Roselle and Aloe Vera intercropping on Quantitative and Qualitative yields of Mixture Components in farm of Agricultural research Institute in Chahnime in a randomized complete block design with three replications per crop year, 2013-2014. Experimental treatments include sole crop Roselle, sole crop Aloe Vera, 50% Roselle + 50% Aloe Vera, 75% Roselle + 25% Aloe Vera, and 25% Roselle + 75% Aloe Vera. The results showed that Roselle intercropping with Aloe Vera affected all attributes of Aloe Vera. The maximum economic yield of Roselle was obtained in the treatment combination of 25% Roselle + 75% Aloe Vera with a mean of 3.9 t/ha. In general, the results obtained in mixed cultures of Roselle and Aloe Vera plants with a ratio of 25% Roselle + 75% Aloe Vera, it is recommended to use it to obtain the highest economic performance of the evaluated plants.

Key words: sole crop; chlorophyll concentration; stem diameter

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