Spatial Planning in Regional Planning of Agricultural Lands and Rural Areas

University of Structural Engineering and Architecture (VSU) “Lyuben Karavelov”, Department of Urban Planning, Theory and History of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, BG-1373 Sofia, Bulgaria


BORISOV, B., 2015. Spatial planning in regional planning of agricultural lands and rural areas. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 751–756

Spatial planning specifies the requirements for agricultural lands through the provisions stipulated in the Spatial Planning Act /SPA/ and the Regional Development Act /RDA/. Conducting a successful regional policy as regards the agriculture industry requires optimal conditions on the planning and management of territorial resources, and especially of agricultural lands. This fact motivates the study of possibilities for the establishment of a system of integrated planning documents, which should combine and coordinate in a specific region industry socio-economic and territorial criteria for sustainable development in the field of agriculture across a specific region. A subject of analysis is the number and territorial scope of Bulgarian regions, as well as mechanisms to increase efficiency in their planning. The application of the research is related to the made conclusions about the theory and practice, through proposed changes in legislation and the planning toolkit for the purpose of agricultural territories.

Key words: spatial planning, agricultural lands, regional development, integrated planning, arable lands, territorial zoning, purpose of territory
List of abbreviations: SPA Spatial Planning Act; RDA Regional Development Act; NRDS National Regional Development Strategy; NKPR National Spatial Development Concept; LPAL Law for Preservation of Agricultural Lands

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